Was Duchess Kate’s Long-Time Hair Stylist ‘Pushed Out’ Because He Was Indiscreet?

Kate Middleton at Witton Country Park


I have yet to understand why people are so obsessed with Kate Middleton‘s hair. Sure, it looks healthy and shiny, her hairstyles are always classy and pretty, the color is beautiful, but I still don’t see it as the most beautiful and healthy-looking hair on the planet. That being said, people love to gossip about Kate‘s hair.

Latest gossip on Duchess Catherine‘s locks is that her long-time hair stylist, and the man who created the famous demi-chignon she wore at the Royal Wedding, is no longer doing her hair.

James Pryce, who used to be responsible for Kate‘s glossy curls, is no longer working for the Duchess since he left the Richard Ward Salon, The Telegraph reports. And why is that? Kate continues to have her hair done at Ward’s salon despite Pryce‘s departure.

Richard Ward still cuts Kate’s hair and she has her color done at the salon. Plus, she has her stylist, Amanda Cook Tucker, who blow dries her hair for events, but James has really been pushed out,” a source claims.

Pryce was reportedly “pushed out” after posting photos of Kate on his social media pages as an attempt to gain more clients after his departure from the salon. The Palace reportedly did not like that.

When he went solo and tried to tour around the USA – he launched a Facebook page and Twitter account which featured hundreds of pictures of Kate and her various hairstyles to promote his business – obviously, that did not go down too well with the Palace at all,” the source added.

According to reports, Duchess Catherine‘s new hairstylist is John Bailey, who used to style Princess Diana‘s hair too.

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