Victoria Beckham’s ultimate remedy for her acne

At the end of the day, celebrities are like everybody else, but with much more money…However, sometimes money doesn’t get everything we want or need. Take Victoria Beckham, for instance.

David Beckham’s wife has been struggling with acne issues during all her life. Of course she has all the money and access to the most prestigious skin professionals to help her combat this unaesthetic situation, however she has not obtained the results she wants…until now. According to her, pregnancy is the only thing that clears her skin.

A close source to the 36-year-old former Spice Girl revealed: “Victoria has tried everything under the sun for her skin, yet nothing has worked as well as getting pregnant with her fourth baby. The hormones really suit her and she’s said this pregnancy has cleared up her spots!”
She is looking better than ever: “She has a pretty flush to her cheeks that wasn’t there before. It’s like a natural blusher. The texture of her skin is much smoother and any open pores seem to have closed up. She’s been drinking lots of water and eating fruit like kiwis and strawberries.”

Congrats Victoria! Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy time!

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