Travis McCoy to present a Solo album

The album is called “Lazarus” and is due June 8. The singer assured his fans that this album doesn’t mean that he won’t keep playing with Gym Class Heroes.

“I’m trying to kill a lot of the negative connotations out there about me doing this solo project,” McCoy told “A lot of people thought this was the end of the Gym Class Heroes or that Gym Class Heroes was over and I was trying to take the momentum we’ve built with Gym Class Heroes and use it for my own selfish desires. That’s not the case at all. Since the inception of Gym Class in 1997, every member has had another musical outlet, if not three or four. This is just another one of those.”

McCoy has been in the works for this album for about a year and a half — “The longest, I think, I’ve spent on a record in my whole career,” he says.

Starting with Too Fast For Love on April 28, McCoy plans to tour extensively to support “Lazarus” and “make sure this record becomes a household object — and hopefully not a coaster.” Meanwhile, he reports that GCH is “12 demos deep” into its next album, which the group plans to record later this year and have out in 2011. Lately The bands current lineup has had tremendous success, releasing such hit singles as “The Queen & I,” “Cupid’s Chokehold” and “Cookie Jar.”

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