Taylor Swift’s new song ‘The Lakes’ might be about her new boyfriend

Taylor Swift new song The Lakes

Everyone knows how Taylor Swift writes songs about her lovers and exes. She has said it openly many times that a lot of her past relationships have been a source of inspiration for her to write new songs. Now, most of her fans think that her new song named, The Lakes is not any different. They assume that this song his about her new boyfriend, Joe Alwyn.

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn

While talking to Taylor Swift about it, she didn’t deny it. It is said that she has purportedly uncovered insights regarding her extremely private relationship with British entertainer and long-term boyfriend Joe Alwyn in her new track ‘The Lakes’.

Taylor Swift The Lakes

In the new album, Folklore, it looks like Taylor Swift is opening up about her own life. A lot of her fans had no idea what is going on in her life because she started keeping it private. But now with this new album, it looks like she is finally revealing bits and pieces to give her fandom at least something about what is happening in her life.

The Lakes is one of the most popular songs of Folklore, and everyone instantly fell in love with it. Although some of the pieces in this album are about sorrow and sadness so some of her fans think she might be going through a hard time, this one song shows love and hope. Although upon listening to The Lakes, it may appear that Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn’s relationship is going through a rough patch, still Taylor’s emotions have not changed for him one bit.

Some of the lyrics in The Lakes, say something like, take me to the lake where there are all the artists, who went there when they didn’t have any other place. After that, she confesses about not having a home and says to her lover to let’s go to the lakes as it would be an ideal spot for both of our lonely souls.

As per a few fans, the “Windermere” line from the melody references England’s biggest characteristic lake. They imagine that the couple has hung out in England, it appears to be a reference to their time in that country and how Taylor Swift looks back to it. In the song, Taylor additionally says that she needs him, there is a newly blooming red rose, but no one is there to tweet about it and let the whole world know. Her fans refer to this line as a sign of how she kept most of this relationship between her and Joe Alwyn as private as possible. She additionally addresses her time when she was the center of attention by saying that she thinks she’s not built for this life. She says that there are hunters with mobile phones all around her and she wants to get away. Her fans depict that she is trying to escape all the limelight for a while and she’s signaling this in her new song The Lakes to let her partner know about her feelings.

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