Kaftans for the Party Season

Shopping for any celebration is a happy time, especially from a fashion perspective. With each new season designers thrill us with innovative apparel choices, and the upcoming festive season is no exception. Christmas in particular is a time for enjoyment and celebration, so there’s no better excuse to treat yourself to some elegant threads.

Now of course with December beckoning, for women this is the time to go all out and look your best. After all, if you can’t make a special sartorial effort around the Christmas and New Year season, when can you?!

However, it’s astonishing how stressful the preparation period can be, especially where choosing an entire new season’s wardrobe is concerned. But in an age where we “buy now and pay later”, fashion-savvy females are no strangers to going the extra mile in order to stay looking stylish.

Kaftan fashionSo what are some of the best clothing choices for this year’s season of goodwill? There is no magic rule book for what classes as the number one outfit choice, but we can take the time to have a look at the following points for some inspiration in the process…

The Kaftan

You may not immediately picture a kaftan to wear around the Christmas period, but it’s surprising just how fashionable designs have gotten over the years, so do not rule this garment out just yet. Light and flowing to wear, kaftans are essentially wearable pieces of art due to their versatile variety of prints. If you’re looking to browse through a decent range of kaftans online, you’re in for a treat with the Queen of Kaftans, CAMILLA. Here you will find kaftans of all lengths, prints and embellishments. The good news is that this resort wear essential is designed to flatter the figure, so there is every excuse to buy one. And did we mention that there are different ways of tying the kaftan and creating new looks with the one garment? Winning!

History of the Kaftan

A trend that has become hugely popular since the 1950’s is wearing poolside clothing and beach wear to places other than the seaside. Enter the kaftan. This daring yet delightful trend is here to stay with the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna and Beyonce all being huge supporters.

The kaftan initially stemmed from the late 60’s and 70’s when hippie culture was at the height of its popularity. Kaftans are very simplistic garments that are usually worn over the top of other clothing choices. However, they can also be worn on their own as a stylish dress. Originating from the Middle East, it used to be that kaftans were mainly worn to cover a male or female’s modesty. But as fashion has moved on, so has the kaftan’s purpose.

Kaftan Styles

Whether you’re a secret hippie at heart, you love to channel Bohemian style like actress Sienna Miller, or you just need an iconic party piece that’s different from the norm, the kaftan definitely appeals to a variety of lifestyles. It is a feminine garment that comes in printed, embellished or plain designs, depending on the designer or retailer. The length of a kaftan can also vary, but recently, shorter editions have been on the fashion menu for many women. So if you want to dress with ethnic flair this season, look no further than the kaftan.

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Take a glance at New York Fashion Week Famous Attendees!!

Here’s a few pics of some of the most famous attendees of this year’s New York Fashion Week, so be ready to name your favorites!


Did you pick your faves? We already did!

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Monster ‘Lip synch’ Tour… is what Rihanna and Eminem should call theirs!

The truth is that many concert goers felt like they just tossed their money on to the trash when they reportedly alleged that Rihanna and Eminem didn’t fully performed in their concert at the Rose Bowl, where the audience experienced two hours and a half hours of pure lip synching.

We received opinions from people who went to the concert in LA, and though they were thankful because the artists chose their city to inaugurate their tour, but claiming the show was “Live”, many agreed it was saying a little too much.

They said:

“Sure, he let the backing track do the vast, vast majority of the heavy lifting last night. He was only actually, audibly rapping on a handful of songs, including slower ones like ‘Stan.’ His lip-synching was especially obvious because he’s so animated, constantly gesticulating in a way that pulls the mic away from his mouth, mid-lyric.”

Wow, that has to be terrible, paying for something and expecting so much from a super stars and them just not delivering, but “at least Rihanna didn’t lyp sync that much :

“She was actually singing on that one, and in general you could hear her live voice much more often than his”

We’re just really bumped out with this. If all this is true.. that it is not just a rumor, these two talented music super stars should be performing the whole show live, no excuses accepted! Dudes you’re Rihanna and Eminem!! Act your part!


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Rihanna’s Wild Jungle outfit, behavior, partying with Germany and totally rocking Brazil

Rihanna posted  these images hanging out with football soccer super star Pele right before the big game.. another scratched item in Riri’s bucket list, she said it herself:

She flew the scene that day looking wildly banging!! With her animal print amazonian top and her wildly ripped shorts! Check her OUT!



Queen said hersef ain’t nobody better than her, and wild wild behavior as she went down for some refreshing spleesh splash!



She then proceeded yesterday to watch the game with Pele in her face and Brazil down her throat to watch Argentina and Germany fight for the cup! 


And her last but not least and latest tweet made everyone else who was NOT n Brazil feel the heat:


Seems Rihanna has enjoyed the World cup and Brazil as well! Nice to know she had so much fun and met a lot of cool people, who knows what comes out of all this, an inspiration? Songs? LEt’s wait for Riri to surprise us!

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Lorde truly shows to be the voice of this generation! Speaks Rihanna and Bare skin!

Dear Lorde, you keep making us proud!

In an interesting interview where she expressed why parents or people in general should not be worried about how a woman dresses:

“People should stop worrying about their daughters. I don’t see a female without clothing as a terrible influence. There are worse or things. Shooting people. Glorifying violence.”

Or Death, or drugs.. among other things!!! It is true, there’s too many things going on in this world to stop worrying about WHAT is WHO wearing and such… Well said Lorde!

But Lorde had another “Royals” annoucement to make… why she’s on Team Navvy !

“You can’t not look at Rihanna. I would buy anything Rihanna sold me. The way Rihanna embodies being a sexual woman…She’s so fearless and confident, I just love her.”


We must say that out of many other artists Rihanna has had certain highness in her whole fashion and music statement! So Lorde we got you covered girl! She is definitely in love with the idea of being queen, but she sure knows when to recognize one when she sees it!

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Kanye West and Rihanna seen leaving the same studio late last night!!

After this whole stressful past months Kanye West, a wedding, new record deal, hosting Kidchella for his daughter… but man heis all hands on whatever new dare life brings!

Him and Rihanna were seen leaving the same studio last night in West Hollywood. What we’re not sure still is if the “What now” singer is making a collab work or if she’s being produced by Kanye…

KanyeRih RihYe

Fans are very excited because according to them, Kanye always makes icy featurings , and just imagine these two together! Some people say he is producing her some also hope this is a featuring! Whatever it is we’re excited waiting for it!

There’s also fans worried of Rihanna being alone with Kanye… What would Kimmie say? We think is all good, it’s all for the sake of music!

We’ll keep you updated!

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Rihanna fires back to TLC… Fiercely!

And as we all know Rihanna didn’t stay quiet after that bomb thrown by TLC. She actually went on Twitter and expressed what she had to say:

Rihanna's Twitter

She actually changed her main image for an old one of the girl band from the 90’s doing, kinda the same thing!! and she also added a few tweets:





So for those of you to which the images say nothing much, after the total Rihanna bash from TLC, for her showing all of her boobs, Rihanna actually took them as an example to show them…um well there’s nothing new under the sun these days! The ultimate F*ck You, You’ve been there before.. so!

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TLC disses Rihanna for showing so much skin!! ALL THE TIME!!

It all points that Rihanna‘s outfit has pushed a few buttons, this time TLC. While everybody was in awe with Riri’s awesome and sparkly dress, not to mention VERY see through, the 90’s girl bad wasn’t THAT impressed!


Back in Australia T-Boz commented about Rihanna:

“Every time I see you you don’t have to be naked. It’s easy to sell sex. It’s hard for us to say anything because any time we do, they say, ‘Oh TLC must be jealous’, but I call a spade a spade.”

Errr’ Body down, the grenade has been thrown! Well i guess she wan’t alone when Chilli added her ideas saying:

“We became the biggest girl selling group of all time with our clothes on and that says a lot. We could go around too with booby cakes out all day long…”

iHeartRadio Music Festival Las Vegas 2013 - Day 1

They actually could and people will actually buy it, since sex sells. But as a personal thought on this, it is true, most new artists are selling TOO MUCH SEX, and the image they give to young girls is a very distorted one, it ruins the way men and people in general see women.

TLC is on the overall is saying that Rihanna sells only because she uses her body as main advertisement to gain success, the easy way to the top. We would have to disagree a bit, since Rihanna has true talent, she’s been a hit singer way before skin showing, but in the fact that girls now days show “cover a bit” more and give a substantial content in their art to become a leading example to the youngsters like our 80’s and 90’s role models used to be, would be appreciated.

Any ways Rihanna looked gorgeous and if she slows down a bit, it’s all cool!

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Rihanna’s 50’s burning HOT Outfit at CFDA Awards has everyone talkin’!!

Surprise surprise from Rihanna again caught at the CFDA awards where she was honored with the icon awards, but she showed up looking like this:




And obvious 50’s style of dress with A LOT TO SHOW! This gorgeous see through sparkling is a creation of Adam Selman.


She even twerked a bit for her hair stylist Yusef, whom uploaded this video after she got the award! And hey who wouldn’t celebrate!


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Rihanna gone for good, Drake poses wit new boo!

Drake’s broken heart didn’t last long, after a short relationship with Rihanna, recent break up Dreezy is into the arms of another woman now!

He posted this picture on Instagram a few days ago saying quote:

“Me and my boo since way back when and every now and again @Fairytailshair haaaaa”




Ok Drake, that was quick! In case you wonder who the lucky lady is, her name is Brandy Prince, daugther of James Prince Rap-A-Lot Records CEO.

And it seems that not only she has Drake’s heart, he’s in the family already as she posted a picture of their night out with Dreezy and her brother!


Well Riri… we guess you’re second best and well forgoten.. let’s have a minute of silence for Rihanna.

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