Exclusive pictures from Lady Gaga’s last night Jazzy gathering in Jerome’s NYC

And to continue with the news we received a few more detailed and cooler on Lady Gaga’s jazzy performance last night with some friends at New York bar  Jerome’s.

She climbed into the bar, grabbed a mic and took off!


Channeling a Liz Taylor, gypsy-bohemian style she ruled the bar, witnesses said she would do WAY better doing Jazz music than pop. and we must admit Stephanie is VERY talented in many things… we’d love to hear more Jazz from her!

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[ Image sources: PR Photos / Anais Valdez ]

Lady Gaga Spotted a an NYC bar last night hanging out in a very strange outfit!

You know the best shots are amateur and fan shots! Well we caught this lovely lady hanging out in an NYC bar, still unknown ( we’ll get you that in a few) hanging out with a few friends and even singing some jazz.

We even got a small clip 🙂 Ahh the wonders of Instagram!!

Lady Gaga has worked in a jazz album for two years now with Tony Bennett and it will be called “Cheek to Cheek,” it is expected to be released this fall. The “Mother Monster” was rocking a very Liz Taylor / Arabian nights outfit last night:



We’ll keep you posted on star gazing and spotting! Would you like Gaga more if she made jazz? Some people say so… What do you think? We’d love to hear from you!
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[ Image sources: PR Photos / Internet / Instagram ]

Hilary Duff and her gorgeous NYC look!

Yup boys and girls, Mrs. Duff not only rock it on the studio!! She has style too!

This HOT HOT mama was rocking a floral romper while walking around Soho yesterday. We definitely loved her looks! But OMG look at those legs!! Toned up and ready!


She seemed a bit amazed or surprised, but we were in total awe at her gorgeous look!
Keep it trendy girl!


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[ Image sources: PR Photos / Internet ]