Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora’s new Black Widow video! Check it out!

The video is finally here, after anticipating it for weeks and weeks guys and gals i won’t make you wait any longer!!!

Wasn’t that the best so far!! I am still on the song! ” I will love you like a black widow baby”…

OMG The suits, the Tarantino air all over the place! The suits… omg.. Rita Ora and Iggy Azalea killed me with those tight suits!! I totally loved the video!!

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Ariana Grande’s new video Break Free! Fighting Robots, playing with aliens and rocking outter space!

Ariana Grande’s new video is here! Are you ready for an intergalactic adventure? I hope you are ready for aliens and sexyness!

Check it out!

A very Barbarella inspired video, we are in love with the tune, the beats and the video! We are SO digging Ariana’s new video!

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Ariana Grande’s new song “Love Me Harder” peek a boo! Check it out here

Ariana Grande loves pleasing her fans, and it seems there’s nothing she wouldn’t do for them! In the end we the fans are the ones who make the artist, don’t we? Well the super star posted a ‘snippet of hew new single ” Love me harder” into her Instagram account that goes like this: Sounds sooooo cool! We can’t wait for the full song! Keep it up Ari! Stay updated via your fave social media: Facebook – Twitter – Google+ – Pinterest [Image Sources: PR Photos / Internet / Instagram]

Forgive yourself’… for Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga’s new song is here!

Many were expecting this collab.. and my oh my it is here finally! A very electronic vibe at the beginning building up into a very catchy rhythm Avicci style… Lady Gaga made sure to start it her way tho’..

Girl it feels like runway music… makes you want  to just feel fab’

Enjoy what ‘Little Monsters call ‘artRAVE!!


Gaga.. she keeps amazing us! She can really do great things with music! And this song is no t an exception.. we hope there’s a video to this, we want to see them together SOON!!!

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Lana del Rey’s Ultraviolence video is here!!!

We were all expecting this super cool video, and it’s finally here!!!

Soft, nostalgic, the video channels an era in which Lana del Rey has lived for the past few years. Short white dress, a white veil as well, and a bouquet of white lilies. Singing to her man… the ones that “tenderly” caresses her lips on the video..

She eats fruit in a very intense and “sexy” way… well the intensity goes on for the whole video.

You know what, we’ll let you be the judge:

Here you have it, Lana with more and more nostalgia than pin up girls! We like it anyways… she’s a gorgeous woman and a great artist, we just wish she would make a few less intense songs for a change. But that’s Lana I guess and this is her style!

We’ll keep you posted on more celebrity news and gossip!

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Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj and Jessie J song “Bang Bang” leaked! Hands up, this is girl arrest!

Leaked all over the internet like a cup of milk in the hands of a toddler, and we have a little bit of it the very expected song hits public on Tuesday…

Enjoy yourself a bit here:


Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande and Jessie J are on the eye of all fans, us included… can’t wait till tomorrow!!


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Hilary Duff is BACK in MUSIC!!! You HAVE to listen to this new jam!.

So many of us have been waiting patiently ( or should I say impatiently??) for this great artist to come back or at least do some lullaby’s for us to sleep on while we dream of her comeback!

But The Gossip Blog has good news for you: Hilary has finally released a new single, a cool, relaxing and bubbly kinda song that will get stuck in your head for days.

She even posted an IG video to thank everyone for rejoining her in this new journey! Here we are Hilary ready for more 🙂

I know you’re waiting for the new hit ” Chasing the Sun” and here it is, I won’t make you wait any more:

She also went on a super cool way of promoting her new single check out maybe you can get to see some of this:

HEY! Surprise airplanes flying over these beaches today!! Take pics and send them to me using #hilaryduff #chasingthesun ☀️

Omg omg omg!! #chasingthesun planes!!!!

We can’t wait for more Duff!! What do you think of this new song? Do you like it? Or you don’t? We want to hear more from you!!
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“QUISIERA” new promotional single by the Peruvian Singer and Actress GHIIS

We love supporting true talent and this time we’re honored to introduce you to Ghiis, for those who don’t know her yet she came to stay! and for those who do she returns stronger and more beautiful than ever!! Get ready to fall in love with this Peruvian beauty!


The talented Peruvian singer comes back again with a new promo single in a very awesome pop rock style tittled “Quisiera” (I wish).The new single was produced in MCA Studios back in Peru, they worked along FM Musical Fund of Colombia for publishing rights. The catchy tune was composed by Fernando Arroyo and Karime, Gold and Platinum Sales Award winning Colombian songwriters.

The songwriters saw in Ghiis the X-Factor for success not only in Perú, but they strongly believe she can has the talent to make it in other countries. They worked hard to strive the quality of interpretation that it takes to make it in this career. So at the moment the artist investing all her time in the production of the video clip that goes along the song! We can’t wait!!


Ghiss tells us:

” Quisiera, is now playing in Ecuador , Peru, shortly in Colombia radio stations taking it one step at a time…”

But we also have found the tune on YouTube and will share it with you! It’s so catchy you’ll listen to it again, and again and again!

Ghiis is very excited about this new project, working very hard on her career and she tells us that all she wishes at the moment from her fans and people in general is support, but also going back to her basics.

“So why not start in Peru and Ecuador with the people i know; My fans my people my public, and get support from the local radio stations? “

Not only she’s working on her musical career, a few months ago she worked for an online mini series called Gringo Calix, Destinos Marcados ( Marked Destinies ) a short film and currently in the mini series Los Reyes de la Parada ( Kings of the stop).

Ghiis announces that will soon be hosting a Music TV show, and also will participate in a new play ” Lecciones de Amor (Lessons of Love). She is also getting reado for a national and international tour to promote her new single.

Check her out and follow her on socials: Facebook and Twitter . Listen to more of her songes in Reverbnation

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