Matha Stewart’s sister Laura Plimpton dies of a brain aneurysm

Martha Stewarts sister just passed suddenly after suffering a masive brain aneurysm. Laura Plimpton worked in Martha’s lifestyle company for over 25 years, and the following message was passed in an email to the employees.

“My youngest sister, and the youngest of the six Kostyra siblings, Laura Kostyra Plimpton, passed away today in Norwalk Hospital. Laura worked for me and the company for more than 25 years… She was an extraordinary employee, mother, wife and sister…We are so sad but also happy that Laura had the foresight to donate so many healthy organs to needy people.”

We are so sorry for Martha’s loss and would like to extend a warm salute to her and her family, our prayers are with you guys.

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[Image Sources: PR Photos / Internet / Instagram]