Donald Trump on Jennifer Lopez/Kim Kardashian: They have horrible bodies? Wait What??

Curvy-licious girls unite! and not only curvy all of us, i mean.. who is he to come talking about women bodies like that?!

Donald Trump was on the Howard Stern show this week he was asked about Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez, who was hotter? He expresed that he didn’t find any of them attractive, and that in the “old days” they would’ve said they had BAD BODY! Then tried to clean his act up saying that either way he had good relationships with both of them.


Is there even such thing as a bad body? Do we have to be cursed, seriously, forever about the way we look… that bad? And not only he said that the host went on and asked him about who he would prefer in bed to which he replied…  neither.


He went on talking about what he liked and didn’t about some female celebrities. Talking on how big Kardashian’s ass was… i mean? Really… are people discussing these kinds of things on international / national reach media?

I think some opinions should never see the light, there’s a saying around there that goes like this : ” For preferences, they made colors.”so pick and choose TRUMP!

Listen to the controversial short interview here:

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( Audio source Howard Stern Soundcloud)

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Celebrities celebrate Father’s Day

The Gossip Blog would like to extend our congratulation to all fathers around the world, and also introduce you some of the coolest celebrity parents who shared their piece on social media yesterday… Check em’ out!

Kanye and North West:

For Kim this is what a father’s day looks like, baby North turned 1 yesterday and is also her first father’s day. Falling asleep in daddy’s arms.


” This is what life is about! Our baby girl turned 1 today! We played so hard they passed out while we were watching the game! Happy Father’s Day to the best daddy in the world! The way you love our daughter and protect her makes me filled with so much love!#BestDayEver #Twins #HappyFathersDay#HappyBirthday “


Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett:

Kendra was enjoying her day with her three darlings, in this picture posing with their newest member of the family! Ain’t it sweet?


“This is my life. #fathersday”


Beyonce and Jay Z:

Seems that Bey, Blue Ivy and Jay were having a nice walk out for father’s day! Way to go pops!


“Beyonce: Happy Happy Father’s Day”


Ivanka Trump:

The Trumps also celebrate father’s day, but with a picnic and a nice afternoon in nature.



Celebrating the greatest father in the world with a surprise picnic and some row boating! #fathersday



Having a blast with his kids! Way to go Usher!



You must be this tall to frighten your father #MisHijos#FathersDay #FastAndFurious



Sweetest most tender father’s day picture of all ! We are in love with Ciara’s father’s day pic.



The Moment Baby Future Arrived, He Was Holding Your Hand So Tight, He Knew You Were Dad. Seeing That Melted My Heart… When I Look At Him, I See You Shining Through, And That’s One Of The Most Beautiful Things Ever! You Are Truly One Of The Realist, Most Caring, Hard Working, Loving Dads In The World, and I’m So Proud Of You.I Love You. Happy Fathers Day @Future.

Mario Lopez:

This is so cute, Mario Lopez and his gorgeous kiddies! Happy Father’s day Mario!


Fatherhood is the most amazing gift I’ve been given… So blessed to have healthy & happy kids. #GiaFrancesca #Dominic #FathersDay


We gotta love the mom, but we also gotta love the dad! This seemed like a very awesome father’s day.


Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

Jessica Simpson:

Jess enjoys father’s day with her loved ones, in this pic Eric and Ace!


This is just what they do 🙂 Ace loves you Eric! Happy Father’s Day!

Gwen Stefani:

The singer must have a touch for a few more things than music and fashion, she knew her man was going to be good, this is how she celebrated daddy’s day with her loved ones.


“I always thought you’d be a good dad” #simplekindoflife #iwasright #happyfathersday @gavinrossdale

Jack Osbourne:

Jack seems to be doing great as a father, he decided to teach something of great value to pearl last father’s day.

Jack Osbourne

I’m choosing to spend this #FathersDay teaching Pearl about a galaxy far far away

We hope all of you have had a wonderful holiday weekend!

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Kim Kardashian looking hot in her Second Honeymoon

Kanye must be in heaven! Kim Kardashian gave her new husband the best of the best for his birthday last Tuesday in Mexico with her well geared best weapons… If  you still don’t know what we’re talking about here it is:

Kim Kardashian

And even if Kanye West‘s birthday was back in June 8th, they are still partying like rock stars in their Mexican vacations, they are staying at Joe Francis’s Casa Armana in Punta Mita.



The two pieces used by the socialite to tease Kanye is a $257 Tara Mathew’s Ajaccio bikini, she also posted some pictures on her Instagram of her POV ( The ones above are hers too). Check out her super flat abs!

KKdashian KKK

Kim is definitely doing some hard work out, just look at that stunning belly… What ever she’s doing we want the secret!

And as soon as we get it we’ll share it with you, so stay tuned via Twitter and Facebook for more!

Yay day for Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna!

It all points that Kanye is not the only West that is proud to show off, she making sure the world sees her gorgeous new ring!

Her humongous Lorraine Schwartz had to wait back at home, while she displayed her solo diamond wedding ring while posing with her BFF Blac Chyna for a cute Instagram picture:

“Yay day with my main @kimkardashian …”


Well as far as we know, the YAY day stands for the previous image Blac Chyna posted saying : Friday / FriYay , and it all points that these two beautiful no-make-up ladies were heading the gym, since both of them seem to be rocking work out clothing. This makes us wonder if that’s actually the reason why she left her 15 carat diamond treasure ring, so it wouldn’t get wet on sweat! Hmm… wise girl!

But we’re still loving this gorgeous ring!

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This is what Beyoncé truly had to say about Kim Kardashian’s wedding

And after missing the Kim Kardashian Kanye West wedding, and sending her “Best Regards” to the newlyweds, this is actually completely opposite to what Queen B thinks of the couple… or better said about Kim.

This is not a total surprise after last month awkward run into they had, where people at the spot commented they could look like anything but friends.

Plus we also know that Bae and Jay made fun of the Kimye wedding calling it a circus!


The fact that they chose to enjoy some nice vacations instead of being at the Kimye wedding only demonstrates even more that Bey gives zero F@#$! about the couple. We all know action speak louder than words.

A close source told us the following:

“Bey does not like Kim at all. She’s cool with Kanye, but can’t stand Kim. B calls Kim a ‘scandalous social climbing wh*re’ behind her back.”

Ooohh gurl! That musta’ve hurt!

Jay and Kanye must be good friends but there’s obviously beef between their wifeys!

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Kim and Kanye’s luxurious honeymoon!

We all thought that after that wonderful night out in Paris, the wedding in Florence, they were probably going to stick around to explore more Italy… think again.. Mr and Mrs Unpredictable..excuse me… Mr and Mrs West decided to make it all the way to Ireland.

MR and MRS Wesr

The name of the resort the picked is Castlemartyr Resort, on the outsides of Cork, and the place is just taken out of another dream!


It wasn’t confirmed if the couple was indeed occupying the presidential suite, but as far as we can tell for the wedding, Kanye will do anything to spoil his baby boo!

The bedroom includes super luxurious bathroom, walk in shower, sauna, waiting room ( perfect to hold a cocktail or party). Personal room elevator to order food from.



Asides from that Castlemartyr has golf course, four restaurants, spa and gym! Guess how much the couple will pay: $67,000!!!

Castlemartyr-resort-Cork-Knights-Bar-01.jpg.w=800&h=600 castlemartyr-resort-golf-ireland-09.jpg.w=800&h=600 pool-castlemartyr-resort-cork-01.jpg.w=800&h=600

After all their love seems to be completely priceless, i mean.. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West can afford just about anything! Well love birds enjoy your honeymoon!

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Kanye paid Lana del Rey how much to perform at his wedding?

We dare you to try to guess how much she got payed to perform and Kimye’s wedding.

If your guess is anything below $2M, think again! The made waaaay more than that!

Back in November, there were rumors that Lana was going to turn down Kanye’s request for the engagement ceremony, until the offer was too good to decline.


Elizabeth Grant better known as Lana del Rey performed three songs for $2.8 Million dollars!

We do know know exactly which songs she sang, but when Kanye proposed to Kim Young and Beautiful was playing, so that one was a must!

They sure know that love has no price huh! What do you think of Lana’s exorbitant paycheck?

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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s weeding wrap up!

The day everyone was waiting for, the most talked about wedding of these past few moths. Here we have the whole wrap up of the wedding which actually did took place in Florence. Kim  Kardahian and Kanye West exchanged I do’s at Fort di Belvedere in Florence, Italy.

The couple was seen very happy and talkative at the wedding rehearsal, they were surrounded by friends and family, they had David Blane performing tricks at the event, while the orchestra played in the background. They also enjoyed caviar, lobster sticks, crepes and even Aces of Spade champagne. Fireworks blasted the skies with or without rain as Kanye’s Niggas in Paris played by the end of the night.

There was also a girls night out with Kim Kardashian and her Bff’s. Also a dinner with fashion designer Valentino Garavani at the Valentino’s Chateau. The hot fashion designer held a nice dinner for the groom and wife and their family.


There was also a little double wedding set up to confuse paparazzi, last Friday May 23rd Kim and Kanye separated two different venues in Versailles. Had us fooled for a second, most media said they had two events two different nights.

0523-closed-for-wedding-sign-splash-3 0523-versailles-front-ramey-splash-b-3 Location1versailles

Famous friends arrived one by one in private jets, such as Tyga, Jaden Smith, Jonathan Ceban, Lala Anthony, Blac Chyna, Big Sean:

FF Jaden Lala spl765763-003-480w spl765763-012-480w Big Sean Tyga

They sent all their guests from Paris to Florence for the Saturday night wedding. Kanye and Kim also arrived along with Bruce and Scott Disick at 11:20 am:

Brucejenner Kanyestepup Scott Disick spl765668-012-480w spl765668-018-480w

Then the great moment arrived and everyone got to the venue:

KKweddingcarflock kim-kardashian-wedding kim-kardashian-wedding kim-kardashian-wedding

david blaine andrea bocelli

Bruce waked Kim Kardashian down the aisle while a close source said Kanye was very nervous as the moment got closer, he kept sipping water to calm down a bit. The insider said: 

“It was funny how nervous he was. He clearly knew the gravity of what he was about to do. This morning he was all smiles, but as it got closer, you could see that the nerves were kicking in. It’s common for most grooms. I’ve seen it all before.”

This is Kanye’s first marriage and Kim’s third, we hope this one works out! The palace was on No-FLy Zone the day of the wedding so no aerial pictures yet, which made no sense since paparazzi helicopters were flying all over the place. It was reported that Lana del Rey also had her part in the wedding performing for the newlyweds

lana lanaa

We also have the wedding menu, created by top chef Annie Féolde and also Giorgio Pinchiorri, whose catering company is Galateo, very well known in Florence :


Homemade mezzelune pasta stuffed with ricotta cheese, thyme and marjoram, with parmigiano zabaglione and golden curls.

Mezzelune de pasta fresca al timo e maggiorana con ricotta fresca allo zabajone de parmigiano e riccioli de foglia d’oro

Monkfish fillet in crust of aromatic herbs on a bed of pureed celeriac millefeuille of tropea, sweet onions and vitelotte potatoes.

Filetto di rana pescatrice in crosta de erbette aromatici(sp?) su purea di sedano rapa milleoglie di cipolle di rosse di tropea e patate vitelotte.

Beef fillet with brunello di montalgimo sauce, potato tarte seasoned with truffle green beans.

Cuore di filetto di manzo al brunello dimontalcimo, tortino de patate dolci at tartufo, covoncino di fagiolini al vapore.

Homemade strawberry sorbet

Sorbetto artiginale alla fragola

Wedding Cake

Torta nuziale

Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr was officiant while Sharon Sacks, party planner, was in charge of decoration. While Kim walked down the aisle Andrea Boccelli sang Con te Partiro… wow!  Kim was wearing a long sleved Givenchy haute couture gown. while Kanye and North West were dressed from Riccardo Tisci.

But not all was heavenly, we heard that the Prince Ottaviano de’Medici di Toscana of the legendary Medici family, was very upset and a bit angry when he found out that these two were getting married at his family’s Fort di Belvedere. He explained :

” The city is renting out our palazzi for small change to be used as dance halls. Events like this represent a danger to the cultural integrity and historical authenticity of the city, which is protected, and could mean a possible loss of UNESCO status or being placed on UNESCO’s danger list. They are selling the city off and many here are disgusted… The fort should be used for institutional encounters, where heads of governments come to build cultural and economic relationships, as it was used down the centuries. And not as a ballroom.”

Also a couple that was expected was Jay Z and Beyonce but they were at their vacation back at the Hamptons, a souce said the following about what the couple thought about the wedding:

“Jay thinks the entire Kimye wedding is a joke and it’s being blown way out of proportion. He likes Kanye and Kim, but totally talks smack about them behind their backs. When he was asked about the wedding he just laughed and said, ‘The circus goes to Paris!”

Plys Bey posted this picture on Instagram, obviously not ready for any event as she had no make up at all:


To later post this too, congratulating them for their wedding:


Another one who got there but didn’t make it was Kim Kardashian’s brother Rob, as he fleed Florence to L.A. the same night apparently after some family drama Kim Kardashian and Kanye West didn’t want at their wedding.


Phew that was long… Tell us what you think of the whole wedding on Facebook ro Twitter!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wedding count down!

Kim Kardashian’s wedding is such a secret, not even she knows what’s really going on under the hood! And it’s all Kanye’s idea, he has actually pulled her out of all plans, he is the one in charge…


He says he wants to unveil the surprice of the century! We all know Kanye… and after the North West creativity stunt… we’re off to expect just about anything! Let’s hope he doesn’t pull out a Purple Wedding ( Game Of Thrones ) trick.. with midgets and poisoned wine.. ahem * Never mind!

So far this is all we have:

* Kim and Kanye are getting married at Versailles 

The post-wedding celebration will take place at a 16th century fort in Florence

The guests still don’t know specifically where in Florence, including where they’re staying Saturday night. 

Guests don’t even know how they’re going to make it from Paris to Florence … we assume private jet.

And there is a huge second event in Florence, which Kanye is keeping ultra secret.

And last but not least, Kanye is trying to keep Kim off all social media … good luck Yeesus! 

What are your expectations on this big wedding? What kind of surprise you think Kanye will pull this time?

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Kim Kardashian Last Supper in Paris!

Definitely a night to remember, it all seemed almost magical, and this is only her bachelorette party!

Kim was surrounded by her sisters and friends as they had dinner and a walk around Eiffel Tower. I mean with a dream wedding coming on the way this girls night out could be nothing less !

Here we have the pictures for the night in Paris:


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