Miley Cyrus tries to break the internet again? – Paper Magazine NSFW Pics!


Paper Magazine just did it again! This time someone who doesn’t need to be tickled much to free the nipple, Miley Cyrus! And she may not break the internet but she is definitely causing trauma in many internet users while she exposes her nipples freely and in full color !


Yes the guys who made Kim Kardashian’s oiled booty exposed spread are surely back with more shocking A-List pictures for you to nibble on! But she claims it is all on her Veganism and her change of life.


She sure is a very influential image for youngsters of our era, and said that she will use it to speak up about matters such as going vegan, homeless people, homosexual rights and the list keeps going,


Body covered by peach paint and colorful stripes we see a Miley that portraits a doll like image. Photographer Paola Kudachi took the revealing pictures while under the creative direction of  Diane Martel, whom work with Cyru’s visuals on Bangerz Tour. So Miley might have felt in full comfort.


She decides to end the photoshoot with a picture very alike to Kim Kardashian’s in a sense. Both images have been hogged out in censorship, Ha!


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**Image Source: Paper Magazine Online**

North West wears an $1,400 YSL purse… Is Kim Kardashian coo’ coo or cool cool?



We found this terribly cute picture of North West and her parents at LAX, and we couldn’t help to notice North’s outfit and purse, since mommy always make an extra effort to make her look just as fierce as her mother.

And it is in fact an Yves Saint Laurent purse worth $1,400. I don’t know her, but i wouldn’t hang so much money on a child, not really no.. But we guess she’s a Kardashian, money just ain’t a problem!

What do you guys think, is this Crazy or Cool?

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MTV VMA’s 2014 best dressed!

We had music, we had entertainment, we had tears of you and excitement and we also had THE BEST DRESSED OF THE RED CARPET!

Without further a due here they are!


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Little North West debuts as a model! Apparently it runs in the family

Baby North will surely be talented somehow, she just proved she’s got the genes for fashion in this latest photo shoot.

Little North looks adorable in this black and white image take by Michael Avedon. She was styled by the chief of CR Fashion, Carine  Roitfeld and she is obviously dressed in Chanel , she even holds her own little Chanel purse and flashing some awesome Lorraine Schwartz diamonds!


Along with the picture there’s a quote by the German fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld, saying ” It is never too early to care for fashion” Oh la la… Miss West takes off huuuuuuuuuuuge! Both parents helped pick the outfit of lil North even though she looks tres chic and simple!

How do you like it?

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Kyllie Jenner setting Kim Kardashian up so she looses her curvy bod? Sister’s feud or nah?

We all know that Kim Kardashian is obsessed with her curvy-licious body since like EVER! Well she posted an image on Instagram showing her worry regarding ruining’ her body any way possible. She posted quote:

“Ughhhh @kyliejenner is trying to make me eat carbs! #LaScalla @carladibello @shammaurice

Ok, stop it Kim, first off one carb won’t kill you from time to time, two work the carbs out and three Pluh-ease babe you have all the money to fix it in case anything else fails!

So chill Mermaid body you’re gorgeous Kim!

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Kim Kardashian partying in Ibiza with Kanye and Justin Bieber!

Remember that Kim Kardashian arrived Ibiza yesterday and we said we’ll keep you posted on her whereabouts.. well babes here it is!

She actually made it there to celebrate the birthday of Givenchy’s Artistic Director, Ricardo Tisci. Many other celebrities made it to the event, like Kim hubby’s Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Kris Jenner, Naomi Campbell and many other fashion lovers!

Kim even posted an image of Ricardo helping her put her wedding dress on:

Here are the clips from the different accounts!

Birthday boy!!!! @riccardotisci17

Let the festivities begin…

#Givenchy @riccardotisci17 ‘s birthday!!! @richie_akiva @justinbieber

And a little of Kim’s after party, hehe:

Side chicks be like….

Let’s now continue with JB’s clicks:

Ibiza with ♛ @khalil


@kimkardashian @kendalljenner @krisjenner celebrating @riccardotisci17 birthday

Apparently Kanye was either hosting , singing or interrupting someone that night hahaha:


And Kris Jenner got a lil Bieber lovin’ :

@kendalljenner @kyliejenner who’s your daddy

But the vision is clear

Happy Birthday @riccardotisci17 you are truly an inspiration!!! Can’t wait to celebrate tonight! Love you #Ibiza #birthdayboy @givenchyofficial

Pretty Girls @iamnaomicampbell @kendalljenner #ibiza @riccardotisci17 #birthdayboy #ohwhatanight

happy birthday @riccardotisci17 !!! #Ibiza let’s get crazy tonight! #CELEBRATION!

with the boys

@riccardotisci17 ‘s birthday!!! #Ibiza ❤️

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Another one joining the party in Ibiza, Kim Kardashian!

Kimmie just posted a picture on her Instagram while she arrived to Ibiza…. OMG!

Is she just there for Summer Vacay, since no one wants Kardashians on the Hamptons hehe, or is she there to join Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron?

We hope to see some more images of WHAT exactly she’s doing in Ibiza!

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Kim Kardashian with no make up! You will be surprised!

You may have seen her in the past with no make up at all, but now a few marriages after, a few years after and even a baby North West after… Being this super famous socialite, MILF and entrepreneur ( Not to mention a mommy who’s baby daddy has been working too hard away from home and cannot help her with North, yeah so much work!) we HAVE to see the come outs of her stressful life style…

Hold ya horses, cause still with all this I previously mentioned, Kim Kardashian still looks flawless!!

KimKShe walked around without a single drop of shyness and a without a single drop of make up or even an Instagram filter, and we must say she looks great! She also posted an image on Instagram to support her “Natural Beauty“… What do you think?

Supporting her sis Kendall Jenner as her skin looks clean and perfect! Another reason to either hate her or love her you decide!

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Is Naya Rivera trying to be Kim Kardashian or WHAT?!?!

It is hard being a celeb, and there’s actually levels to that. Kim Kardashian proved it with her now succesful online game app, that to be on the A list’ there’s a LOT of climbing to do.

But that doesn’t mean you NEED to copy someone else, and try to shine through this other person, which is what we can clearly see happening to Naya Rivera, who has now an obvious obsession with Kim’s style, selfies, hair color even her pap’ shots are being copied.. girl this is too much!

And you know it is about time that we call out these “coincidences” that have been going for way too long now, like for us not to say anything… I’ll leave you the pictures to prove it right here, you be the judge!


And if you don’t want to admit it after all this, my friend you ARE in denial! Naya.. poor Naya, babe you are too gorgeous to try to get famous by coping someone, plus no one likes a copy cat.. they like the real thing.. unless of course if it’s silicone! HA!

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Kim Kardashian goes topless in Mexico!

Curves, curves and more curves, and those need some tanning too!! That’s exactly what Kim Kardashian did in her vacay in Mexico!

The reality star has spent the past few days vacationing at Joe Francis‘s house in Mexico, along with her preggo friend Abbey Wilson,  and she took the time to post a few pics so we can enjoy her curvy-licious bod!

Her yellow bikini showed up her lovely lady lumps, as she also avoided those terrible tan lines that sometimes screw up a nice back cleavage, the 33 year old star went to-to-top less!

The pic didn’t capture her TOPLESS per se, but we at least had a glance of one of her best ASSests!  And to prove those Ass-ets actually work for something, she posted another one in the pool, using these as floaters, ha-haha, or at least that’s what it looks like!

Seems the boys will have to cool off a little bit after these two supper hot pics! Yep, Kardashian’s butt strike again!!

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