Kanye West rushed to a hospital in Melbourne, Australia!

Kanye West

Right before his concert in Australia, this past Wednesday, Kanye West as well as his people got VERY SCARED!

He reportedly had a terrible migraine, he was rushed to the Epworth Hospital, in Melbourne, Australia for an emergency MRI. An eye witness explained a bit of the situation, Loraine Terry speaks that it was a very tense moment not only for Kanye and his team but as well as for the people in the hospital:

“My daughter was having an MRI. Shortly after it began, security burst in and cleared the area. Everyone was moved out of the waiting and consulting rooms. We were the only ones left apart from doctors and nurses – we couldn’t leave as the MRI wasn’t finished.

Next thing we knew, Kanye was stretchered in surrounded by security. He had one side of his face covered with something white. We both knew it was him because we had seen his photo in the paper everyday and we were shocked because it looked so serious.
Everyone was massively panicked. And they were very nervous about making sure the area was completely clear. At one stage, one of his security men saw my daughter, who was lying on the MRI machine, turn her head and he insisted she had to go. We weren’t even properly finished.”

Oh God… we just hope Kanye is ok.. but was it really needed that EVERYONE was kicked out of the waiting room? What if they needed immediate help as well?

A spokeswoman for the hospital, Colleen Coghlan did not want to discuss Kanye’s condition, but they denied that other patients were rused out of the ER and waiting room, she said:
“Yesterday afternoon we had 50 people in our emergency department. All were treated with respect and according to the severity of their symptoms”

We still don’t have any results as of now of Kanye’s testings, but there’s good news, he’s feeling well enough to go back on stage as scheduled, we just hope this was a minor thing!

Feel better soon Kanye!

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North West wears an $1,400 YSL purse… Is Kim Kardashian coo’ coo or cool cool?



We found this terribly cute picture of North West and her parents at LAX, and we couldn’t help to notice North’s outfit and purse, since mommy always make an extra effort to make her look just as fierce as her mother.

And it is in fact an Yves Saint Laurent purse worth $1,400. I don’t know her, but i wouldn’t hang so much money on a child, not really no.. But we guess she’s a Kardashian, money just ain’t a problem!

What do you guys think, is this Crazy or Cool?

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Kim Kardashian partying in Ibiza with Kanye and Justin Bieber!

Remember that Kim Kardashian arrived Ibiza yesterday and we said we’ll keep you posted on her whereabouts.. well babes here it is!

She actually made it there to celebrate the birthday of Givenchy’s Artistic Director, Ricardo Tisci. Many other celebrities made it to the event, like Kim hubby’s Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Kris Jenner, Naomi Campbell and many other fashion lovers!

Kim even posted an image of Ricardo helping her put her wedding dress on:

Here are the clips from the different accounts!

Birthday boy!!!! @riccardotisci17

Let the festivities begin…

#Givenchy @riccardotisci17 ‘s birthday!!! @richie_akiva @justinbieber

And a little of Kim’s after party, hehe:

Side chicks be like….

Let’s now continue with JB’s clicks:

Ibiza with ♛ @khalil


@kimkardashian @kendalljenner @krisjenner celebrating @riccardotisci17 birthday

Apparently Kanye was either hosting , singing or interrupting someone that night hahaha:


And Kris Jenner got a lil Bieber lovin’ :

@kendalljenner @kyliejenner who’s your daddy

But the vision is clear

Happy Birthday @riccardotisci17 you are truly an inspiration!!! Can’t wait to celebrate tonight! Love you #Ibiza #birthdayboy @givenchyofficial

Pretty Girls @iamnaomicampbell @kendalljenner #ibiza @riccardotisci17 #birthdayboy #ohwhatanight

happy birthday @riccardotisci17 !!! #Ibiza let’s get crazy tonight! #CELEBRATION!

with the boys

@riccardotisci17 ‘s birthday!!! #Ibiza ❤️

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West don’t want to pay their honeymoon!! Read the why right here!

Well that sounds ridiculous! Thinking about how much money they both have!! But it is not a secret that Kimye didn’t have fun at their honeymoon back in Castle Oliver in Limerick, Ireland… and because of that honey fiasco they have ignored their $20,000 bill!



A close source has reported the devil in the detail of Kim and Kanye‘s horrible honeymoon stay, first off it didn’t last too long since they decided to flee over to Ballyfin House in Co Laois supposedly because the castle was too big and had bad phone reception.

They only had dinner!! OH WOW! The source said:

“Everyone is shocked to say the least. The castle is out a fortune on their honeymoon. It is absolutely awful. They made all these requests ahead of their visit, for certain foods, champagnes, thousands in flowers, candelabras everywhere. The hotel brought in everything they requested, and there were dozens of items. But then they took back all the money they had paid for them!”

It all points that Kim used her black Am Ex to pay, in which she can get a refund on any purchase made, and THAT is what actually happened!

But it doesn’t stops there, our source keeps telling us:

“Everyone involved in making their honeymoon perfect at Castle Oliver has been completely burned. We’re not just talking about the hotel, but providers from all around the local area who gave their services and time in good faith that Kim and Kanye would pay them. But they won’t get their money back… A member of staff based in the United States was fired for booking them into the venue. It’s insane! We’re talking about one of the richest couples in the entertainment business refusing to pay the bill for their honeymoon. It would have been a dream honeymoon for anyone else in the world, and they should just have the decency to pay their bill.”

OMG! We certainly feel terrible knowing that someone got fired because of this! I mean they have the money to pay! What’s the big deal?  Hopefully this situation is cleared up soon!

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Kanye West and Rihanna seen leaving the same studio late last night!!

After this whole stressful past months Kanye West, a wedding, new record deal, hosting Kidchella for his daughter… but man heis all hands on whatever new dare life brings!

Him and Rihanna were seen leaving the same studio last night in West Hollywood. What we’re not sure still is if the “What now” singer is making a collab work or if she’s being produced by Kanye…

KanyeRih RihYe

Fans are very excited because according to them, Kanye always makes icy featurings , and just imagine these two together! Some people say he is producing her some also hope this is a featuring! Whatever it is we’re excited waiting for it!

There’s also fans worried of Rihanna being alone with Kanye… What would Kimmie say? We think is all good, it’s all for the sake of music!

We’ll keep you updated!

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West recover after Kidchella

After planning and hosting such a huge even like North’s first birthday : Kidchella, the two mega stars needed a little break from babies and hippies!

Kim and Kanye were spotted leaving Craig’s Restaurant in WeHo, they were looking fiercely polished for a romantic date out! And even though Kim was rocking a pronounced cleavage she manage to keep her tah-tas in place!




They seemed to have enjoyed he nice dinner, despite being spotted in the end by the paparazzi as they left to their Lambo’ to speed out of the scene. Back to baby North’s arms!


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North West KidChella Birthday Party! Kim and Kanye, well done!

When Kim Kardashian and Kanye West said the would pull a big party for their lil’ one, North West they were not kidding! It was North’s first birthday ever it HAD to be amazing!


They covered their yard with tee pees, had a mini stage set up, a bounce house, and her own Ferris wheel !

KidchellaNW KKKidchella NW


The only thing we still don’t have is better pictures of the birthday girl itself, but we have a few videos from the Jenner girls and the Kardashian aunties! We also spotted Moises Arias taking a few pics of Kendall and Kylie  and then joined the stage ( If you can’t remember him recently, he was the guy laying in bed shirtless with Will Smith’s daughter Willow.).

KendallKidchella KidchellaY KourtKKidchella


Blacchyna Kidchella (2)

They had face painting, custom made Yeezus shirts for the kids, hair braiding, tie dye and even food stands with cotton candy and churros!! Yum! This is just her firts birthday , can’t wait for her Sweet 16..!! Way to go Kimye!

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Guess who’s Kanye West’s latest roast “beef”? You might be surprised!

We’ve some Kanye West beef for this Friday… this time he’s going against the leader of the free world… making Kanye’s comment as special as he is.

West was on Power 106 FM last Wednesday talking about his fave subject 🙂 – Kanye West – and he couldn’t help himself when putting Obama down to get his ego up. Not being sure of what his master plan would be, but he sure wants everyone to know he has a MASTER PLAN !! He said:

“You do not want to go against the power. I’m working on one mission, and that’s a mission from God. I’m gonna make it very clear exactly what I’m here to do. I’m here to help. I’m going to apply all the blessings I’ve got.”

And then he went on saying you need to have a special power no one else but Kanye has, ( OK *rolling eyes*), he continued:

“You can’t effect change from inside the White House like that… You gotta have the money.”

So he speaks about power of change coming from God, but then he talks money? Is his God money? We’re sure it is, but putting all that asides we’re more than happy to see rich and successful celebrities wanting to help others with their “blessings”. as long as they keep EGO aside.  Newsflash Kanye, the fact you’re now Kim Kardashian’s husband doesn’t make you a Rockefeller!

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Celebrities celebrate Father’s Day

The Gossip Blog would like to extend our congratulation to all fathers around the world, and also introduce you some of the coolest celebrity parents who shared their piece on social media yesterday… Check em’ out!

Kanye and North West:

For Kim this is what a father’s day looks like, baby North turned 1 yesterday and is also her first father’s day. Falling asleep in daddy’s arms.


” This is what life is about! Our baby girl turned 1 today! We played so hard they passed out while we were watching the game! Happy Father’s Day to the best daddy in the world! The way you love our daughter and protect her makes me filled with so much love!#BestDayEver #Twins #HappyFathersDay#HappyBirthday “


Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett:

Kendra was enjoying her day with her three darlings, in this picture posing with their newest member of the family! Ain’t it sweet?


“This is my life. #fathersday”


Beyonce and Jay Z:

Seems that Bey, Blue Ivy and Jay were having a nice walk out for father’s day! Way to go pops!


“Beyonce: Happy Happy Father’s Day”


Ivanka Trump:

The Trumps also celebrate father’s day, but with a picnic and a nice afternoon in nature.



Celebrating the greatest father in the world with a surprise picnic and some row boating! #fathersday



Having a blast with his kids! Way to go Usher!



You must be this tall to frighten your father #MisHijos#FathersDay #FastAndFurious



Sweetest most tender father’s day picture of all ! We are in love with Ciara’s father’s day pic.



The Moment Baby Future Arrived, He Was Holding Your Hand So Tight, He Knew You Were Dad. Seeing That Melted My Heart… When I Look At Him, I See You Shining Through, And That’s One Of The Most Beautiful Things Ever! You Are Truly One Of The Realist, Most Caring, Hard Working, Loving Dads In The World, and I’m So Proud Of You.I Love You. Happy Fathers Day @Future.

Mario Lopez:

This is so cute, Mario Lopez and his gorgeous kiddies! Happy Father’s day Mario!


Fatherhood is the most amazing gift I’ve been given… So blessed to have healthy & happy kids. #GiaFrancesca #Dominic #FathersDay


We gotta love the mom, but we also gotta love the dad! This seemed like a very awesome father’s day.


Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

Jessica Simpson:

Jess enjoys father’s day with her loved ones, in this pic Eric and Ace!


This is just what they do 🙂 Ace loves you Eric! Happy Father’s Day!

Gwen Stefani:

The singer must have a touch for a few more things than music and fashion, she knew her man was going to be good, this is how she celebrated daddy’s day with her loved ones.


“I always thought you’d be a good dad” #simplekindoflife #iwasright #happyfathersday @gavinrossdale

Jack Osbourne:

Jack seems to be doing great as a father, he decided to teach something of great value to pearl last father’s day.

Jack Osbourne

I’m choosing to spend this #FathersDay teaching Pearl about a galaxy far far away

We hope all of you have had a wonderful holiday weekend!

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Kim Kardashian looking hot in her Second Honeymoon

Kanye must be in heaven! Kim Kardashian gave her new husband the best of the best for his birthday last Tuesday in Mexico with her well geared best weapons… If  you still don’t know what we’re talking about here it is:

Kim Kardashian

And even if Kanye West‘s birthday was back in June 8th, they are still partying like rock stars in their Mexican vacations, they are staying at Joe Francis’s Casa Armana in Punta Mita.



The two pieces used by the socialite to tease Kanye is a $257 Tara Mathew’s Ajaccio bikini, she also posted some pictures on her Instagram of her POV ( The ones above are hers too). Check out her super flat abs!

KKdashian KKK

Kim is definitely doing some hard work out, just look at that stunning belly… What ever she’s doing we want the secret!

And as soon as we get it we’ll share it with you, so stay tuned via Twitter and Facebook for more!