Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez may be back together! Find out why here!

Jelena is BACK bitcheeessss!

How do we know and dare to do this affirmation, well we know their relationship is a roller coaster ride, but by now are enjoying the moment together.

Though they have been “secretly” dating , they are also talking about love! Yes babes! there’s tons of “I love you” this past weekend, insiders report they’re even calling each other bf and gf!

They are also wanting to clean up their acts in general, they even spent this past weekend doing hiking and chilling with friends at home! While Justin Bieber supposedly made sure Selena had ALL she wanted!

Insiders also tell us, that Selena Gomez is totally digging the attention from the pop super star! Also over the weekend we posted this jewel, so you be the judge!


So babes and dudes, expect some more Jelena to come! And we’ll keep you posted!

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[Image Sources: PR Photos / Internet

The Jenners hanging out with Chris Brown!! And We thought Jelena was trouble!!

The famous reality and model celebs Kilie and Kendall Jenner are down on some hard core partying and counting with her friendzies’ Chris Brown and  Trey Songz.

Posing for some party Instagram clips for a few accounts recorded the star mingle last Saturday.

We just hope these girls are not down on to some hard CORE partying with these two.. like for real! What do you think? Is this jsut some harmless partying or something bad could come out of this? We want to hear it from you.. tell us more via:

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[Image Sources: PR Photos / Internet / Instagram]

Selena Gomez throwing shade at Justin Bieber?? What is going on with these two?!

Some weird activity  is going on Selena Gomez’s Instagram, with some strange pictures! Check them out!

You’re always listened to.

That’s who you wanna wake up to. #promise.

Seriously? First you’re mad girl and then you’d like to wake up to whom? Justin? We’re confused!?

#zoesaldana #womenempowerment you are all so beautiful the way YOU are. No bigger or smaller. You all inspire me.

And the last one with the words that sound most hurtful:

UPDATE: Oops Seems Selena deleted this Insta pic… hmm.. this makes us wonder??? We will get you the image back shortly!


So we’re not sure if she’s getting over him, if she’s pissed or what?! But this teenage rollercoaster is sure learning a lot from this relationship. We just all hope she does well and feels better soon..

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Selena Gomez is losing her friends! This time is Demi Lovato

Feuds and broken friendships… what a terrible way to start a Friday… but we guess Selena’s last make up actually broke a few friendships.

demi lovato

It is the case of Demi Lovato, who unfollowed Selena Gomez yesterday on Twitter, and trust me this is not like Colfer’s hacking problem!

All fans were shocked!! We’re really not sure of what’s going on, but it most likely is that Selena is back with Justin and she’s already on some shady moves… Just as if it wasn’t enough by ending a beautiful friendship, Lovato made sure to burn all bridges, at least if it’s true. Since there is an image running around the web in which Demi posted this on Twitter, a tweet that was supposedly later deleted.

Can someone say something already?!?!

While we figure out what happened or someone decides to talk take a look at the meanie’ tweet——>

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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber caught doing coke?! Rumor or Truth?

Some of us will feel like, i knew it!, some other like.. i told you so! And also there’s some of us in shock!

It happens that In Touch magazine reports that Bieber and Selena Gomez were doing lines of coke at a club together! Eeeerrrch! WHAT?!

It all happened at Hollywood cool spot 1Oak where supposedly 20 year old Bieber and his on and off girlfriend Selena Gomez had a powder party, blowing lines like nothing!

A source said:

“They have been partying nonstop, they clearly aren’t worried about their behavior. They get caught doing lines. The video is pretty dark and fuzzy.”

Now someone is asking for big money to leak the video out! Just as a reminder Miss Gomez had cops knocking her doors last week because of loud partying. But even thought there’s some weird changes in Selena’s behavior, some people say this is all a rumor and that In Touch is just a seeking attention tabloid, spreading fake rumors all over the place!

But her caught these two pictures off their instagrams Selena’s  captioned as:

“Fabulously/intensely dealing with sinus problems. Clearly. #blamethe70sflarepants”



Sinus? Yeah ok! … Sinus?

And Justin on the other hand posted this captioned pic on Instagram:

“Slept all day, up all night ♛”



Up all night? We know what keep people UP all night.. and also makes you grind your teeth! Oh boy! Let’s cross our fingers for this to be JUST a rumor!

Does JB has anything to do with this? Are these just rumors or truth? Can you see Jelena spiraling down?  We hope not!

We won’t hesitate to believe anything yet, since In Touch has given a few unreal reports before.. just for the sake of it.. and we know that this team is a very talented couple.. we hope they don’t get lost on alcohol and drugs!

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Selena Gomez is not shy about Justin Bieber anymore!! EXCLUSIVE PICTURE HERE!!

Spotted very shy last night in front of the cameras, something really strange since she loves to pose for a photograph all the time…Plus they were also spotted having dinner last Friday:

Justin Bieber


Among other pearls.. this one we have it from Sarah the Stalker, from last Saturday! Oven Fresh:



Selena is owning it! She also posted this “brave” picture on her Instagram ! Saying quote ” Soy Valiente” i am brave:


Is she finally owning her relationship fully? We just hope she changes that bad boy behavior or Justin may be dragging her with him into his wild ways…

What do you think?

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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are BACK! Are we ready for them?

We were waiting a little bit, but the hints and the clues these two have been giving the media to start building the rumors that they are back together, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have flaunted more than one picture and suggestive video on their social accounts.

But this time it was Poo Bear, Jason Boyd, from Justin’s posse who posted this sweet picture, where we can see the couple, obviously a suggestive picture, but we can see it’s them

The seem very cozy and cuddly, it all seems to take place in a recording studio, rumors also say that they may be recording together. And it is that many of the fans and media people is kinda confused, since Jelena have broken up and made up again sooo many times we don’t even know if it’s LEGIT this time, BUT.. close sources to Selena say:

“She still loves him. It is hard for her to get over him because they have so much history. You just can’t drop those feelings. There is too much there.”

Whatever she’s up to we just hope that deep down inside Justin‘s bad boy behavior and beyond that pretty boy face there’s that something Selena Gomez sees in him. We only hope the lead a healthy relationship, and maybe some act cleaning from Mr. Bieber.

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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber together… AGAIN???

I know people is not very much interested in Justin lately, for being the ” Bad boy” he thinks he is.. but seriously SELENA???

We are not sure if these two are together but Justin Bieber posted a picture yesterday, that was later on deleted saying the following:

Oh Selena Gomez, what in the world are you doing?! Is JB’s bad boy behavior appealing to Selena? or is this a way to ask her to come back to him? Gomez had expressed not too long ago that she was “Taking her power back”, and we kinda understood she was getting off this train wreck… but it seem she’s still crushed on her first love!

We’ll see what happens and keep you posted, stay tuned via Twitter or Facebook!