Susannah Constantine alcohol addiction and her recovery

Susannah Constantine

In this article, we will discuss the controversial news of Susannah Constantine as she is an alcoholic and has been in the recovery period for seven years.


If you discuss her life journey, we will know that she is a TV-style Guru .she is an alcoholic. It’s been 7 years now so she still in the recovering phase. As a TV host and presenter, her aggressive and possessive behaviour was not good and his husband is also get bored because of this brunt treatment of her. According to Miss Constantine, her mother was also an alcoholic. She has also been covering for the past seven years.

Recovery journey of Susannah Constantine

She had also made the admission on “my mate bought a toaster.” She has also been a part of the podcast recorded and hosted by a well-known comedian name Tom press. These celebrities talk about their Amazon orders. In one of her podcasts, she finally revealed that she has a drinking problem. Still, she also said that she is recovering from it very quickly in one of his interviews; she again clear that at one, he thought that her husband was passive and aggressive in his behavior. She finally realizes that her behavior was, so it receives. Over time, he realized the faults .now she is in a recovery period as an exit; he always blamed her husband for his aggressive behavior.

Now finally as Susannah Constantine is recovering, she revealed that her husband had to face and lives with Her passive and aggressive behaviour .according to Miss Constantine she said she has been in her recovery period since 2013; according to her that her “light bulb movement” started when she finally realized that he was accountable for her decisions.

Public reaction

She said that she always felt so shame about discussing her Public reaction publicly .now finally realized that this is very important because she cannot change the fact. Susannah Constantine once said that she is responsible and accountable for becoming a better person when she realized that she is responsible and liable. Hence, she works on herself a lot of .in becoming a sober person through his light bulb moment, and she said that her work had never affected due to her addiction to drinking .she said that a professional life never got disturbed due to her addiction in her podcast .she first admitted about her drinking habit. Still, she also emphasizes the fact that she is recovering from it quickly .she said that in 2017 she said to herself that alcohol is fun when you are younger, but when you grow up, then, later on, it becomes so worst. She said that as finally, she is getting better, she is so happy. During her working period, she appeared as the Fashion Guru and her close friend. Moreover, a fashion show is also in her credit, in which she presents the clothes that were neglected by people in the year 2001 to 2005.

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