Susan Boyle’s biggest B-Day present ever

Susan Boyle, the lady that came from nowhere to astonish the world with her outstanding voice, is about to receive the most amazing birthday present ever.

The Daily Mail has revealed that the X-Factor winner will receive a big check from the sales of her first album on April 1, the day of her birthday. The check will be cashed for a total of $7 million. How cool is that!

Boyle’s first record was launched back in November 2009. Even though we’ve known Susan for quite a while now, the lady hadn’t seen a penny coming for her record.

A source close to the singer revealed: “People have thought of Susan as a millionaire for months already because her album was launched in November but she hasn’t got it yet…Up until now, her management team has made sure she never wanted for anything, but this is her long-awaited payday finally arriving.”

We can imagine how excited Susan is. As for the immediate plans that Boyle has for the money, so far she revealed that she wants to buy a house in Blackburn, the British town where she lived all her life.

Other than that, she pretends to keep her low-maintenance lifestyle, even though Simon Cowell’s label already stated that there is more money yet to come to Boyle’s bank account.


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