Susan Boyle had suicidal thoughts as a teenager

For Susan Boyle, Britain’s Got Talent was something that gave to her life a 180 degree-turn. Now the world admires Boyle’s amazing voice and of course her bank account is not the same, as she could cash some serious money after her participation on the talent show and the deals that came out of that.

However, it was not always that smooth for the Scottish artist. She recently revealed to News of the World, that she suffered from mental bully as a teenager. The constant harassment she had at school led her to think about killing herself:  “When I was 17 I did think about doing something nasty. It was all psychological. I was damaged. I had to get help from a professional. I also had to see a doctor who gave me treatment… “ She continued:  “In my case it was a small group of teenage girls that put me to that place. They’re the worst kind. It can really hold you back and damage you. Mental bullying is the worst kind of bullying.”

This is a great history. Now, Susan is an international acclaimed singer and everybody loves her. I would pay to see the faces now of the people that used to harass her. Take that bi*****!

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