Susan Boyle all set to sing for the Pope

Susan is all set to sing for the Pope with 800 strong choir on the 16th of September at an open-air papal mass at Bellahouston Park in Glasgow, Scotland.

The 49 year old is ecstatic with the news and she told reporters that she has always dreamt of singing to the pope and she described the opportunity to do so as a “dream come true”.

Susan will sing hymns to the Pope with the choir after which she will perform the songs that gave her the current fame she has, “I Dreamed a Dream” and “Les Miserables”.

Susan who is a devout Catholic said the Pope’s visit was a very big event for the Catholics in Scotland. She hinted that she recites her rosary every day and she prays as well daily. She described herself as very close to religion. It ought to be mentioned that Susan Boyle gained name and fame when she appeared on the show Britain Got Talent.

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