‘Seinfeld’ Stars Reprise Roles for Super Bowl Commercial

seinfeld reunion super bowl


Turns out the highly-anticipated ‘Seinfeld‘ reunion was for a Super Bowl Halftime commercial. Sorry guys, I know those photos of Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander entering Tom’s got you all hyped and hopeful for a true reunion. But still, this was fun.

The actors reprised their iconic roles as Jerry and George, respectively, while Wayne Knight joins in as Newman.

Fox approached Larry and me about doing some kind of ‘Seinfeld’ reunion for the halftime broadcast because of the New York connection so we thought throwing Jerry, George and Newman into a ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’ was a fun way to do it,” Seinfeld said of the reunion.

The one minute and a half spot is more than just a Super Bowl commercial. It’s also part of Seinfeld’s show “Comedians in cars getting coffee“, where a longer version is available.

Check out Jerry, George and Newman’s reunion below!

Did you enjoy the ‘Seinfeld’ Super Bowl reunion?

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