Rock in Rio: It’s on!

Lisbon has become the epicenter of the music industry, at least for this weekend. Rock in Rio, one of the most popular Music festivals in the world, has already kicked off, and fanatics will have the opportunity to enjoy more than sixty concerts from a wide array of artists.

Colombian artist Shakira delivered a vibrant and energetic performance, as she always does, during the first day of the Festival, on Friday 21. Her contagious rhythm kept the audience dancing throughout the show at the Anfitheater Parque Bela Vista.

Along Shakira, there were other surprising performances, like John Mayer’s. Jennifer Aniston’s ex-boyfriend hit the stage and delighted the audience with his rock and roll soul. Brazilian artist Ivete Sangalo, also performed on Friday.

Saturday was also a great day, as two of the most acclaimed British artists took the stage: Elton John and Leona Lewis.
The veteran artist rocked an amazing performance. Wearing a blue electric blazer, Elton proved once again why he is a master on singing alone with the piano.

Some other high-profile artists are supposed to hit Rock in Rio during the next days, such as Miley Cyrus, Muse, German band Rammstein, Glasgow’s guys Snow Patrol or Amy McDonals, among others.


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