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Rita Ora Heats Up The Pages Of British GQ

Is there a magazine that doesn’t feature Rita Ora this month?! No, there’s not.

Here’s the “Hot Right Now” hitmaker heating up the pages of British GQ September 2012 issue in a multicolored minidress and liking on a yummy-looking lollipop.

Rita revealed a thing or two about her new album “ORA“, her lyrics and, of course, Jay-Z giving her advice, so check out the highlights of her interview!

On her debut album title, “ORA:

“It’s my name but also ora in my language means time, and it took me so long to do this album. Like three years.”

On the best advice she’s received from Jay-Z:

“The best advice he gave me was ‘Have you see Chris Martin perform? You know it’s literally just him on a stage? And he just rocks it out.’ Jay told me ‘You don’t need dancers and stuff around you’.”

On her Jack Daniels drinking lyrics:

“I don’t literally take a shot of Jack in the morning, I mean, I have once. I have a few times. But it’s not like I do it all the time.”

For more of Rita’s sexiness, visit British GQ.

How do you like Rita Ora‘s sexy photo shoot for GQ UK?

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