Racist actions by a cast of Vanderpump Rules fires two from cast

Racist actions by a cast of Vanderpump

Racist actions are not tolerable at any cost. The famous play Vanderpump Rules is under discussion these days because of the racist actions of its cast. The current awareness and protests against racism have added fuel to this issue. Some actors of these seasons have been expelled because of their racist remarks and tweets. The administration has taken actions against them and they have been removed from the cast.

Statement by the Faith Stowers

The actress of the season named Faith Stowers has recently revealed that two of her co-stars had made racist comments about her. They took the photo of a black woman from the Daily Mail. Her face was not clear in the picture and she had tattoos. They accused her, that she was the woman who was involved in that theft activity. They also reported her to the police and she had to go through the misery, for the crime she had not committed.

The administration has disqualified these actors

These two actors, named Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute, have been removed from the caste. Because of the misconduct they had shown with the actor Faith Stowers. These two actors accused their fellow co start without having any solid evidence and caused her shame. It was a racist action. So, in response to that, the administration also took action and stopped working with them.

Racist actions via tweets by the 2 other cast members

Two other cast members of this serial named Boyens and Brett Caprioni have also made the racist tweets in January. A notice has been taken about their inappropriate tweets and they have also been asked to leave the projects because of the misconduct and racist actions, they showed because of their tweets.

Influence of the current anti-racism protests

Although this incident is of 2018, and after the video of the actress from Instagram went viral, the two actors apologized from her for their misconduct. But the ongoing awareness campaigns and the protests after the death of George Floyd have stimulated this urge of the end of the discrimination against the races. Because of which Bravo took the action and stopped and expelled those actors from the season who committed racist actions.

The reputation of the Vanderpump rules

This season of the vanderpump rules is mostly known for having the white cast. All of its cast members are white and they have also been in news because of their misconduct. Despite having such issues, this season has managed to show the good ratings, and fans have liked its acting and storyline. The second season of the vanderpump rules is also scheduled to be aired shortly. Because of the pandemic of the coronavirus, its scheduling might have delayed.

Reports by the UK weekly

As few actors have already been expelled because of their racist actions, the UK weekly has also pointed out the racist statement of the actor Taylor. In 2017, she was also quoted by saying that Stowers committed robbery and now she is wanted by the police. So, now a day’s lot of speculations are also surrounding her working in the Vanderpump rules.

A lesson for the other racist minds

This decision of the Bravo for out casting the actors because of the racist action and for not respecting the freedom of the other humans gives a good message to other people, who also hold such derogatory or negative mindset against other races. This will set good examples for them, they are needed to amend their thinking process and are not allowed to disrespect anybody because of their color, race, or ethnicity.

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