Paris Hilton ready to marry at 30

Time flies for everybody, even for millionaire heiress Paris Hilton. The blond socialite is turning 30 next month, and she is already planning to throw big bashes all around in order to celebrate such a great milestone.

But it’s not only fun and excitement for Paris, as she admits that hitting 30 is kind of scary for her and she is totally ready to settle down and have kids. She even though about wedding last year, when she was dating The Hills’ star Doug Reinhardt “I wouldn’t rule out a wedding in 2010. With how amazing everything is going between us, I see a very bright and happy future. He’s taught me how real love can feel.” However the relationship between those two didn’t work out in the end, as she though he was using her for the fame.

However, now it is totally different as Paris has been dating Las Vegas club mogul Cy Waits for almost a year.

Do you think Paris will get married this year?

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