Paris Hilton on wanting kids and defending Lindsay Lohan

Paris Hilton has recently opened up about a wide range of personal subjects, including her relationship with Cy Waitts. She revealed that the entrepreneur is the best boyfriend she ever had and feels like starting a family soon. Hilton said: “I feel broody sometimes. I’d love kids in the future. Cy’s the best boyfriend I’ve ever had. I’m so happy with him.”

Paris’ mother Kathy is also thrilled about her daughter’s relationship: “I know that they’ve been dating a little less than a year and I think she’s waited this long. She adores him and I never ever ask or ever push that question with my girls because I got married so young, I never want them to feel pressure.”

The reality TV star has also defended former BFF Lindsay Lohan: “Lindsay is a good person so I want her to turn it around.” She continued: “We haven’t been in touch recently because our lives have taken a different direction but I only wish her the best.”

What do you think about Paris’ attitude defending Lindsay?

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