Paris Hilton Makes Between $100K-$350K Per Hour: ‘I’m One of the Top 5 DJs in the World’

Paris Hilton


Believe it or not, Paris Hilton makes a ton of money as a DJ.

The heiress, who was harshly criticized for her debut as a DJ, revealed to TMZ that she is “one of the top 5 DJs in the world“. Yep. It was all her. The reported didn’t even ask Paris to rank herself or anything, she just put it out there for everyone to know she has mad skills.

Don’t know how good Hilton is at being a DJ, but she wasn’t joking about earning big bucks. Sources claim she earns between $100-$350 K per hour. It’s also official that she has inked a huge deal with a club in Ibiza.

But despite earning big as a DJ this year, Paris didn’t make it on Forbes‘ highest-paid DJs. The top spot went to Calvin Harris who made $46 million in 2013, followed by Tiesto ($32 million), and David Guetta ($30 million).

Maybe next year?

Are you surprised by Paris Hilton’s success as a DJ?

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