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Paris Hilton Knocked Down In Paparazzi Fight

Paris Hilton is one of the celebs that paparazzi can’t get enough of. However, maybe they shouldn’t get too close next time they wanna take her picture.

Paris Hilton photos!

Paris and a group of friends were exiting Bootsy Bellows, David Arquette‘s new club, when a paparazzi photographer got a little too close.

According to reports, that’s when a fight broke between the paparazzo and Hilton’s entourage, leading to the heiress being knocked down.

Fortunately, she wasn’t hurt.

Following the scene, the “Stars Are Blind” singer and her friend left the scene. Police wasn’t called, but the photographer claims his camera and jacket were taken during the scuffle.

Check out the photos of Paris being knocked down during the incident here!


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