Padma Lakshmi Diet – 12 cups of tea, Fruit, cottage cheese, and what?

Padma Lakshmi -

The unabashed passion for food for Padma Lakshmi seems evident in almost everything she consumes a day, though. Though the loss, Love, and what people did eat author has several staples throughout her diet, like peanut butter, tea and apples, her diet plan largely depends on if she is rehearsing Masterchef or not.

For instance, Lakshmi, 49, manages not to ingest much more food while she’s performing on the Bravo show. She would like to offer her hunger to the contenders in total, particularly during the first part of the season. She assured Harper’s Bazaar inside a video interviewed uploaded online on June 18. As well in this quickfire alone, frequently, she gets to try Nineteen different recipes.

The Native of India appended: Normally, she tries to take either one or more bites. Lakshmi tries to eat steadily so she would not have to add a third slice, and she gets the complete mouth-feel sensation of everything that they give me.

To “clean out” any food she consumes whenever working, Lakshmi whips a “funky drink” prepared from green tea containing sugar, a vitamin C packet, unsweetened cranberry juice, and a “heaping scoop of fiber powder.” But, unless she doesn’t finish her customized beverage fast enough, it morphs through “a sludge.”

“That quick drink is essential,” she affirmed. It isn’t very pleasurable — this isn’t a delight — this is her body’s medicine, and she’s had to ingest whichever groovy meals she’d eat. The body needs further calories when you are eating so much food.

Because the convenient Exotic author consumes more meals than she might eat regularly even when filming, she maintains her food as stable as possible when the working day is over. She does not want to consume any of that expensive, excessively-seasoned, goopy food while she is home. She eats a handful of boiled basmati rice mostly with dal or even yellow lentils and beans for dinner.

Read down to know what more Lakshmi is having each day!

Lakshmi takes Tea


Every day, the Bravo star coincides with a mug of masala chai tea well with honey and milk, accompanied by an immediate cup of that very same tea that she drinks on while enjoying breakfasts. She has indicated all in which she sips about twelve cups of chai/tea a day.

Fruit and cottage cheese

Talking of breakfast, Lakshmi seems to have many daily go-to dishes she usually selects from. Often the foodie begins her day by yogurt blended with banana slices and cinnamon, yet she is often part of cottage cheese berries, savory egg recipes, or avocado toast.


When Lakshmi films Top Chef, the frying treats can pose themselves as a competition for the chefs, meaning she seems to have no option except to eat away. Certain foods that she can consume at work involve ceviche and Mexican food.

Peanut butter and Jelly Sandwich

Peanut butter and Jelly Sandwich

Between film breaks, Lakshmi sometimes snacks upon that standard sandwich or maybe a free-faced grilled cheese served with the green chili sauce if she wants anything savory.

Peanut butter and an apple

If the Tart, Tangy, Hot as well as Sweet Lakshmi feels a “virtuous” frame of mind, she snacks on just this healthful concoction instead.

Tequila Shots

When shooting Top Chef ‘s interview segments, Lakshmi prefers to indulge by holding her tea or cookie interviews, or even the tequila shot. “everybody is loosened up,” she stated. “Every conversation is much like a 1st date.”



Her crew continues to have a kick from seeing her ingest Flamin ‘Hot Cheetos, Lakshmi told on-set snacks which she doesn’t seem pretty confident why, They are all okay, they don’t sound great.

Lentils and rice

Lentils and rice

After quite a working long day, the texture of the state host adores this combination and never actually relies on flavor. It’s formed with heaps of ginger as well as cumin inside a pan mostly with delicious green chilis and dried red chilis, she mentioned.


Lakshmi, as well as Krishna, her daughter, enjoy having “nacho night” along. They coat their corn flakes with multiple different cheese varieties, sliced tomatoes, pickled jalapeños, guacamole, as well as black beans.

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

While never a “sweet consumer,” Lakshmi still loves a “healthy slab of rich, dark chocolate.”

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