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P.Diddy’s Son Earns Football Scholarship, Critics Say He Should Give It Back

P.Diddy‘s son Justin Combs was recently awarded a merit-based $54,000 football scholarship to UCLA.

As soon as the news was official, a lot of people started stating that given his father’s fortune, Justin should give up his scholarship.

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However, Justin has a different opinion:

“Regardless what the circumstances are, I put that work in!!!! PERIOD.”

“Regardless of what you do in life every1 is gonna have their own opinion. Stay focused, keep that tunnel vision & never 4get why u started”, he tweeted.

His mother Misa Hylton also stepped in to clear the air and remind everyone that her son’s scholarhip is merit-based and it does not affect need-based scholarships for other students.

“My son isn’t taking money from a kid who NEEDS. He is on a MERIT BASED scholarship. UCLA has NEED based scholarships too. #ignorance”

“You want to penalize my son for working hard and putting education first? Shame on you. He deserves to be rewarded.. #blessed kid”‘

So far, Diddy has not commented on the controversy.

What do you think: should Justin combs keep his merit-based scholarship?

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