P Diddy wants to buy a UK football team

One of the golden rules for investors is “to diversify.” And artist and business mogul Sean Combs, aka Puff Diddy seems to follow that rule blindly.

The iconic artist has recently revealed to NME that one of his dreams is to buy a UK football team.

“I’m always looking into different business ventures and it’s definitely one of my dreams one day to be a part of a sports franchise, especially a football team,” he said. “If the right situation comes my way and it’s appealing and we can make the right splash and most importantly build the right team and win… I’m into winning and if it’s the right situation then I’m open to it.”

Back in March, Diddy was involved in some serious negotiations to purchase the Crystal Palace FC. However the buy didn’t go through as the rapper didn’t feel that it was the right move at that moment.

By the way, Diddy is about to release his new single “Hello Good Morning” with his new band Diddy-Dirty Money on Monday 21.

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