OMG!! Demi is now arrogant.

It sounds like Demi Lovato is not a fan of her former best friend Selena Gomez. Demi was asked how Selena was while signing autographs on the UK over the weekend to which she simply answered, “Ask Taylor.” Could this be confirmation that Selena has ditched Demi and is back together with Taylor Swift’s ex, Taylor Lautner or is she just hangin with Swift more?
It seems to me that Demi is uniting with Miley and she wants the spotlight to herself. I know i like Miley but sometimes when she gets on ur side, You turn into a bad someone. Now Demi wants the spotlight to herself.

 I also think that the two of them(DEMI AND SELENA) can’t get used to the idea that except for them, they can have some closer friends. Now they are jealous of each other.
Demi is jealous ofSelena because she’s got Taylor Swift as her best buddy.
Selena Gomez doesn’t like CHLOE BRIDGES (NICK JONAS’ INTEREST IN CAMP ROCK 2)and on top of that, Demi has been very close with her.

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