Ok Go splits with EMI

The main was about the embedding of youtube videos, that EMI didn’t support, but Ok Go knew that was their main way of getting to their audiences. Two months ago, Ok Go released their new album “Of the Blue Colour of the sky” on EMI. Last week an independent video they made for their song “This Too Shall Pass” was launched on Internet, with the embedded option included, and got already the impressive number of over six million visitors.

Now Ok Go announced they were splitting from the label by “mutual agreement” and they are creating a new label to promote and distribute the disc. The new label is called Paracadute Recordings.

The band asked EMI to be released from its contract and after a lot of arguments EMI agreed. “We realized we wanted to leave EMI in 2002 — it was just a matter of when,” singer Damian Kulash told Rolling Stones magazine. “It’s something of a gift for them to let us go.”

The end of contract between OK Go and EMI will officially start on April 1st, and OK Go will celebrate appearing on the the Jimmy Kimmel Show. Later the same month, the tour for “Of the Blue Colour of the sky” will start with stops in many festivals along the way.

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