Nicole Scherzinger Whips Hair On Wylde Magazine Cover: ‘I’m always a Pussycat’



Willow Smith‘s hit song comes to mind when looking at Nicole Scherzinger whipping her hair on the cover of Wylde Magazine’s latest issue.

Whipping my hair on the cover of UK’s @WyldeMagazine 😉 Make sure u buy a copy!!! Xo“, Scherzy tweeted along with a photo of her cover.

Aside from whipping her gorgeous hair back and forth, Nicole opened up about her Pussycat Dolls past, her music and dealing with the heartbreak caused by the Lewis Hamilton split.

Here’s what she had to say!

She’ll always be a Pussycat Doll: “Instead of a feminist, I’m a ‘feline-ist’. I’m always a Pussycat. Everyone always has a Pussycat Doll inside of them. When I think of that I think of a woman who is growing into herself, knowing who she is, owning who she is, loving and accepting who she is. Not only that but being fearless – that lioness part in her to go after what she wants. Even when she doesn’t feel fearless, she keeps going. I guess that’s what I mean by a ‘feline-ist’ – being someone who is loving and accepting of herself, who is getting to know why they are as a woman, as a girl.

On her new music: “Right now I’m just working in the studio on music for me personally, going through whatever I’m going through and it’s really just very raw and stripped back and not what people would ever expect from me. I don’t know what I’m making that for but I’m making it, I think for selfish reasons, for my therapy right now.”

On singing to get through the breakup: “For me, when I say selfish reasons I mean I’m not doing it for radio, I’m not doing it looking for a number one. I’m doing it because it’s my way of getting these real, broken emotions out… getting the heartbreak out. It’s for me – not the industry. It has to be cathartic, absolutely. It’s therapeutic – it helps to get you through.

On why Simon Cowell hasn’t made a pass at her: “I think Cheryl or Dannii were, but he’s a bit scared of me! I’m a Feline-ist! We’re too much alike.”

For more pickup the new issue of Wylde Magazine available online.

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