New movie about Jim Morrison on the works

Movies and music are meant to be connected, even though sometimes the movies don’t meet fanatics’ expectations. I guess that’s not an easy task, but apparently the concept is appealing enough for studios to give it a shot and greenlight the production.

Iconic The Doors’ front man, Jim Morrison, and more exactly his last days in Paris, seem to be inspirational enough to create a movie about that.

Indie director Robert Saitzyk would be the filmmaker behind “The Last Beat,” which according to experts is supposed to be the equivalent to what Gus Van Sants did with “The Last Days” about the end of Kurt Cobain’s life.

The Hollywood Reporter gave some details about the upcoming production which will tell the story about Jay Douglas, a 70s rock star who spend his last days of life in Paris –as Morrison did-  and who “navigates his relationships with two women in Paris – a glamorous French Countess named Clemence and his California “soulmate” Valerie Eason”.

It would be interesting to compare this version to Oliver Stone’s flick, which came out almost twenty years ago.

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