Need a little office break?! Check out Chasing the Sun from Hilary Duff, New song and video!

We must admit it, it is only Tuesday, in the middle of the summer.. and if you’re reading this, maybe.. there’s chances that maybe you may be working right now.. bummer right?

But today Hilary Duff brings out her new video for Chasing the Sun, which we brought you the audio not too long ago.. well babes now the video is out and it’s looking great!! Starts off in a boring office with a boring routine, but Hilary teleports to a sunny beach were her hubby Mike Comrie covers her in sun block and a nice massage!

Uploaded just yesterday the video already has 252, 065 plays!! Well we won’t make you wait any longer:


Finally Hilary !!! A girl who brings good quality pop music!! Can’t wait for the whole production, promo and even the tour. This hot MILF is now up to some cool gigs…

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[ Image sources: PR Photos / Internet / Instagram ]

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