More details about Alejandro’s romantic new video with Eva Longoria

Alejandro Sanz, the Spaniard singer and song writer who has been on the music scene for more that fifteen years, just realesed his new álbum Paraiso Express, Spanish for Express Paradise. And he had a very important role on Alejandro’s “Looking for Paradise”, where they both make of this bilingual song a motto and inspiration to reach for the stars and reach the total happiness.

For his new song “Desde cuando” (“From when?”), a very romantic love one, Alejandro wanted to have his dear friend and Hollywood super star Eva Longoria as part of the video clip. The result? A sequence of very tender and passionate images between two of the sexiest Latin artists in the world.

Alejandro has the best words towards Longoria “Working with Eva has been such a great pleasure, first of all because she is a very good friend of mine, we have a great rapport, we totally get each other, and also because she’s is an actress, so she adds credibility to the video. At the beginning was difficult to get the romantic vibe, because we’re friends, but eventually we could make it.”

Eva was also thrilled about the experience and laughs about the “challenges” of the job: “My experience with Alejandro on set was very interesting because we had to be in bed all day, and it happened to be freezing. You know it’s not a bad day’s work when you got to cuddle all day in bed with Alejandro Sanz”

“Al asked a couple of months ago if I wanted to be on one of his videos and I said Yes! Even before I knew anything about the song or the concept, I love him dearly, I love his music, he’s very talented, but as a person, as a human being he has an amazing spirit, an amazing soul. I am very honored to do anything with Alejandro Sanz”

Sanz also explain that he doesn’t want to use the video to explain the meaning of the song, as he thinks that the listener has exclusive right to find the meaning on their own and make the song theirs.Don’t miss the video…It’s pure Alejandro at his best!

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