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The Magic of Game of Thrones, check out how the scenarios are done! You can’t tell what’s real and what isn’t!

If you are like me and loooooove Game of Thrones, you would sometimes wonder how this master piece of a novel can make it as well as a master piece as a film?

Well let’s all take time to bow down to the company that makes all the wonders of Westeros come alive, Mackevision. They are the ones that every week make us travel to this medieval world, and now you can see in this awesome video how they created season IV ‘s scenarios.

Check the mind blowing video here…


Yes you can lift your jaw now, and yes you can stop saying WOW!!! He he… mind blowing isn’t it. Mackevision might be true artist of animation, we hope to see more and more for as long as there is Game of Thrones because just like it’s cast members ( or the ones we have left *sniff sniff) are doing an awesome job, we just pray for mercy from the writer because he’s killing us all.. literally! 

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