Lollapalooza goes heavy on Sunday: Soundgarden and The Arcade Fire.

As we previously reported, Chicago was the place to be this weekend for those who love music. The Windy City was hosting Lollapalooza Festival.

If Lady Gaga was the star on Friday, and Green day heated up the stage on Saturday, Sunday –the last day- it was the turn for some serious rock and roll: a reunited Soundgarden and The Arcade Fire, took care of business and delivered amazing shows.

For Soundgarden this is the third time that they play together since their reunion in April. The group disbanded in 1996.

Chris Cornell –Soundgarden’s front man- opened the show saying “This is the millionth time we’ve played Lollapalooza.”  The band performed the mythic “Spoonman” along with other sensational hits that became the foundation of Seattle’s grunge movement.

At the same time, The Arcade Fire played their show. The band didn’t disappoint the devoted crowd and performed their greatest hits: “Intervention,” “Keep the Car Running” or “Wake Up.”

The two bands delivered an amazing wrap up of an unforgettable weekend at Chicago’s Lollapalooza.

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