Lindsay Lohan’s VMA cameo: Priceless

To partially quote one of the most popular ad campaigns: “Six-week rehab treatment: $200,000. Post-bail: $500,000. Lindsay Lohan slapping Chelsea Handler at the opening act of this year’s VMAs ceremony: Priceless.”

That’s right. We heard that the Mean Girls’ star was going to make an appearance on the ceremony and once again, MTV managed to surpass our expectations.

In a pre-taped clip, Handler tries to make her way to the stage and she is slapped in the butt several times by unknown gentlemen. All of the sudden, the comedian runs into Lindsay. The troubled actress slapped the comedian in the face a couple of times and ends up giving her a piece of advice “Don’t Embarrass Me” after she projects on Chelsea some of her head-line maker addiction problems.


Thanks MTV.

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