Lindsay Lohan won’t be licking Carvel ice cream any time soon

Turns out Lohan was given a Carvel ‘Black’ Card giving her all the Cookie Puss ice cream cake she could eat for the next 75 years. But she abused the perk by lending it to her mother and other relatives per the New which summarized various stories on the topic.

The chocolate ice cream hit the fan on Wednesday when Dina Lohan tried to buy a cake for son Cody. The Carvel clerk pulled the card out of her hand. Dina cried to the cops. She got the card back, but the clerk wouldn’t dish out any free cake.

“It just shows how we get treated so much worse than regular people,” Dina told.

Apparently Carvel told Lindsay Lohan’s family to stop being Fudgie the Whales and hogging up on free ice cream cake. After six months, they had to take the card back.

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