Lil Za Arrested During Police Raid On Justin Bieber’s House Following Egg Attack

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Remember Justin Bieber allegedly attacking neighbor’s house with eggs? Just one of his many shenanigans. The police just raided his house in connection with the egging that reportedly caused thousands of dollars damage.

On Tuesday (Jan. 14), the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department executed a felony search warrant at Bieber‘s Calabasas house, Gossip Cop reports. The cops were searching for anything that could link Justin to the egg attack on his neighbors house, including video footage.

The “Boyfriend” singer was fine during and after the search, but you know who got busted? His friend Lil Za. Police discovered drugs on Lil Za and they arrested him. According to the reports, the drugs were in plain view. It is believed it was ecstasy and cocaine.

And get this. Za was later arrested again! after allegedly vandalizing a phone in jail. Just moments before posting bail. Twice in one day. That’s impressive.

As for Bieber, the sheriff’s spokesperson said that he was “not connected” to the drugs, and that he was “cooperative”.

Following the search, the singer “has not been exonerated, nor has he been arrested”. The cops are looking into the evidence they got from his house.

Justin is facing a felony vandalism charge.

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