Lady Gaga’s album touches one billion views

Nonetheless, this has set a record of sorts, and with reports about her ‘Monster Ball’, concert to begin in February 2011, has all tickets sold out at almost all venues where it is scheduled to be held, this singing sensation has surely become one of the biggest names in the contemporary music industry!

Lady Gaga, who achieved a lot more than just praise, has also won quite a few prestigious Awards; she won the Brit Awards for –International Album for ‘The Fame’, International Female solo Act, and International Breakthrough Award.

Her ‘Bad Romance’, video is also the most viewed video on you tube, and she also has been given AS MUCH AS EIGHT Awards at the VMA’S,which also included her Award for ‘Video of the year ‘.

However, after having received so much of adulation from her fans, and her colleagues from the music industry, there are few, who can deny the lady’s astounding success, owing it to her great sense of music, lyrics, and presentation, at its best.

As science and technology has enabled singers and performers to live life to the fullest, and showcase their talent in innovative ways, this indeed has the potential to revolutionize the music industry! Very soon, we might hear of competitions on the web too, well surely seems like Lady Gaga’s record views on you tube,will change the face of the music industry.

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