Lady Gaga will never have Baby Gaga

Hollyscoop has learned that the 24-year old pop singer would never children as it would interfere with her music career.

“I’m terrified of babies. I think, creatively, as a woman, you change once you give birth,” she said. “I’m totally not ready for that.”

(Well, Gaga, that’s a slam to your mentor Madonna!)

Gaga also credits her ex-boyfriend in helping her build her image.

“I wouldn’t have been as successful without him,” she said. “I’ve never really loved anyone like I loved him. Or like I love him. That relationship really shaped me. It made me into a fighter.”

Hollyscoop asks: “Can you imagine Gaga with her own baby? We can’t wait till that day comes around!”

Frankly, no, we can’t. Gaga would probably eat babies just like Fat Bastard in “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me.”

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