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Lady Gaga Slams PETA, Compliments Kim Kardashian

Lady Gaga started to step out wearing fur, real fur coats, which got a lot of people upset. Gaga was slammed by PETA for her love of fur, fellow celebrities are asking her to think about the animals before wearing fur and even the fans are upset about her fashion choices.

To everyone, Mother Monster wrote an open letter on LittleMonsters.com explaining herself and even complimenting Kim Kardashian who was flour bombed at a red carpet event by a PETA member back in March.

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To the fans. i want you to know
that I care deeply about your feelings and views, and I will always
support your philosophies about life. We’ve been having over-arching
conversations about society, equality, and politics for the past five years, and we should continue.
I do not however support violent,
abusive, and childish campaigns for ANY CAUSE. Particularly one that I
respect. “Animal Rights.” I am choosing not to comment on whether or
not the furs I purchase are faux fur-pile or real because I would think
it hypercritical not to acknowledge the python, ostrich, cow hide, leather, lamb, alligator, “kermit” and not to mention meat, that I have already worn.
This should already put me in a category as one who appreciates and
adores the beauty of animals in fashion, but am not a strict vegan. I
have truly always stayed away from skinned fur, especially i have never
been able to afford a nice one, but this does not mean my morals are
rigid and that I won’t bend at the sight of an absolute art piece of a
coat. I have no chains about this.”, she wrote.

“You see a carcass, I see a museum pièce de résistance. But I am truly
sorry to fans who are upset by this, its a fair and applaudable feeling
about the health and safety of animals. I respect your views, please
respect mine. And to campaigners, Save your flour to make bread for the
children who are hungry. And Kim Kardashian is fabulous”, Lady Gaga added.

What do you think of Gaga‘s letter?

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