Lady Gaga Haunted By Lina Morgana?

The ‘Paparazzi’ star has been accused of stealing ideas from her deceased friend Lina Morgana. The mother of the deceased singer has claimed that Lady Gaga has not only stolen Lina Morgana’s sense of style but also chosen to adopt her tragic story as her own. She revealed that Lady Gaga always was a good friend and hobnobbed with the richest celebs from a young age. Yana Morgana, the mother of Lina Morgana, also added that the pop star and her daughter were close friends and Lady Gaga was not as flashy and outrageous when they met.

The shocking claims by Lina Morgana’s mother come as a surprise to many as Lady Gaga has managed to steal eyeballs and produce chart topping hits for quite a while now. She recently gathered huge publicity during her world tour. Known for her unique and sometimes shockingly bizarre sense of style, Lady Gaga has emerged as a fashion icon for the youngsters and fashion conservatives as well.

The ‘Just Dance’ star’s similarities to Lina Morgana has also been noticed by Lina Morgana’s ex-boyfriend who says that he was shocked to first see Lady Gaga’s videos. He explained that everything about Lady Gaga was similar to Lina Morgana and he felt like he was seeing a ghost. Lina Morgana committed suicide at the young age of 19. Lady Gaga became global sensation a few months after the tragic death of her friend Lina Morgana.

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