Kylie Jenner Surprises Everyone With The Stormi Collection!

Stormi Collection

Will you be the first in line to get the new Kylie Jenner shadow palette? This one was inspired by her daughter, Stormi! How precious is that? Keep reading to know more about the Stormi Collection.

It seems like Kylie Jenner is constantly dropping some new products, wouldn’t you agree? The billionaire is always thinking of ways to add new, innovative, modern, as well as practical products to her beauty line. She is also trying to get on people’s soft side, and this time she did that with the help of her baby, Stormi!

Kylie Jenner dedicated an entire makeup line to her baby girl. Five days ago, she even had a huge purple inspired party, all for her daughter! (cute Mom). Everyone talked about how extravagant everything was, and now fans cannot wait to see what Kylie will drop in less than 4 days! Are you looking forward to seeing this?

Kylie Jenner dedicated an entire makeup line to her baby girl

Why in 4 days exactly? Little Stormi will celebrate her second birthday on the first of February! Kylie decided to sell everything on her website on that specific date in honor of her baby girl.

To make the matters even more extreme, Kylie did an entire photoshoot with Stormi while wearing all her newest & latest products. Also, the billionaire ended up getting a unique manicure in honor of Stormi, which everyone is copying at this very own moment!

Kylie did an entire photoshoot with Stormi

So, at the end, we want to know what you think of the Stormi Collection. Please pick your answer from the option below.

A) I love it, cannot wait to see what she has in store for us, would also love to get a piece!

B) I think it is a cool concept, but I am not intrigued by her products.

C) I don’t like it at all, why drag a child into the marketing world?

Let us know your comments down below!

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