Kristen Johnson Diagnosed With Rare Auto-Immune Disorder, Lupus Myelitis

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I like Kristen Johnson a lot. I loved her in 3rd Rock from the Sun, The Flintstones, Bride Wars and pretty much everything I’ve seen her in. She’s very funny and seems like a nice person. So this story makes me sad.

Kristen revealed via her Facebook page on Wednesday (Dec. 18) that she has been struggling with serious health issues over the past months. After spending two weeks at the Mayo Clinic and going through 17 doctors, the actress was finally diagnosed with a rare auto-immune disorder.

I’ve been really, really sick since early Sept. Full body muscle weakness to the extent that just walking difficult, stairs impossible and I even need a neck brace to hold my head up. Lying down I’m fine, which is great for writing or killing time on social media (thank you all!!), but it’s kind of disasterous when you’re in a sitcom that requires tons of physical comedy. Through the fall, I shot as much of The Exes as I possibly could, but eventually I did have to (BEGRUDGINGLY) miss two episodes,” she wrote.

The 46-years-old star then joked: “Here’s how much I love you. Before you even had a chance to wonder “Hey! Where’d that big mouthy blonde gal go?” I thought I’d tell you…..This lucky lady spent 2 fun-filled weeks in November partying at The Mayo Clinic. Come on…Who’s jealous?

This is how, after 4 months & 17 Drs (no lie) I’ve FINALLY been diagnosed with a rare auto-immune disorder. Meaning my immune system has decided to go rogue & attack my muscles. The good news: I’m finally on the right treatment, feeling better & back at work!“, she continued.

I didn’t mention it because I didn’t want people overreacting (on twitter & FB?? NOO!!)…I know many of you have experienced similar issues or know people who have, but please try to refrain from diagnosing me. (I do it too!!)

Johnson also thanked everyone who has showed her love and support during this difficult time: “I gotta say, TV Land and everyone at ‘the exes’ have been just amazing, all of them…so patient, understanding, loving & supportive. It’s true that when you’re sick, you find out who your real friends are, and these people, along with so many others, like…..Oh Crap. This is starting to sound like a dreadful acceptance speech, so I’ll just say you know who you are. Thank you & I love you.”

You can read her whole post here.

First of all, I’m so happy she got diagnosed and is getting treated and already feeling better. It’s horrible to be sick and not know what’s going on with your body and what can be done so you feel better and get healthy. Hope she continues to get better as days go by.

Second, how great it is that she hasn’t lost her sense of humor even after seeing 17 doctors and feeling sick for months?!

Third, I had no idea she had a new sitcom. After I read her post I went to IMDb and checked it out. Turns out Donald Faison and Wayne Knight are in “The Exes” too.  I’m definitely watching!

UPDATE: Kristen took to Facebook to reveals her disease: “Lupus Myelitis”. She also responded to all the critics.

Oh for fucks sake. I’m not trying to be “coy,” “relevant” or “get attention”- I just was diagnosed 2 days ago with a rare form of Lupus called “Lupus Myelitis”–google it. I’m not on my death bead…far from it.I’m gonna be fine. I just wanted to have a few weeks of privacy to navigate it & receive treatment. The only reason I said anything is because I won’t be in a few episodes. I wonder how all those people leaving comments on gossip/entertainment/tv websites would feel in my shoes?

How can someone leave rude/mean comments to a post about a person being sick?! This is unbelievable.

I hope she ignores all the haters and focuses on getting better.

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