Kim Kardashian Posts Throwback Photo of Her & Nicole Richie At 13 Years Old

kim and nicole


Kim Kardashian posted an epic throwback photo on her Instagram on Thursday (Jan. 9).

The photo depicts 13-years-old Kim and BFF Nicole Richie who was wearing braces. “#ThrowbackThursday @nicolerichie and I being oh so cool at 13 years old“, she captioned the goofy pic.

Nicole retweeted the vintage photo with the funny caption “Brace yourselves!“.

See this vintage photo got me browsing the photo agency’s archives for more back-in-the-day photos of these two.

Here are some more vintage photos of young  Kardashian and Nicole Richie! Enjoy!

Kim Kardashian kim young kim k young kim kardashian

Seeing these old photos, it’s even more striking how much She has changed. She looks completely different these days. Sad cause she used to be gorgeous.

Speaking of big changes, here’s Nicole.

Nicole Richie photo Nicole Richie slim Nicole Richie

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