Kim Kardashian on ‘Jimmy Kimmel’: ‘I Dropped My BlackBerry in the Toilet’

kim k in pink


Here’s Kim Kardashian making her way to ‘Jimmy Kimmel‘. In case you’re wondering, Kim is promoting the new season of KUWK, which debuted last week. According to latest reports, the ratings for the show are LOW so Kim’s probably doing her best to do some promoting, get more people to watch. Does anyone even care about that show these days?!

Also, she was on the show to talk about her wedding. As previously reported Kim and Kanye West plan to have a summer wedding and according to the future bride, it’s happening in Paris. She denied reports that they’re marrying at the Versailles, but she did not reveal where the wedding will take place. Just that they want to do it in Paris and also told Jimmy that they have an apartment there.

Next on the list, and probably most exciting thing Kim said this whole interview, is that she dropped her BlackBerry in the toilet on Thursday morning. In the first video below, you can watch and hear her lying about how she doesn’t even care that her phone was ruined because all she cares about now is being a mom. Moments later, she was Instagraming her outfit.

Speaking of Kim’s outfit, she was wearing a pink Dior dress that she CUT in two so she can create the tacky cropped top and skirt she was wearing. The outfit was a mess, from the look of cotton candy to the mis-matched zippers on the top and the skirt. Of course, the fit was wrong too. As per usual.

Watch Kim’s interview with Jimmy Kimmel and share your thoughts in the comments section bellow!

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