Kim Kardashian goes topless in Mexico!

Curves, curves and more curves, and those need some tanning too!! That’s exactly what Kim Kardashian did in her vacay in Mexico!

The reality star has spent the past few days vacationing at Joe Francis‘s house in Mexico, along with her preggo friend Abbey Wilson,  and she took the time to post a few pics so we can enjoy her curvy-licious bod!

Her yellow bikini showed up her lovely lady lumps, as she also avoided those terrible tan lines that sometimes screw up a nice back cleavage, the 33 year old star went to-to-top less!

The pic didn’t capture her TOPLESS per se, but we at least had a glance of one of her best ASSests!  And to prove those Ass-ets actually work for something, she posted another one in the pool, using these as floaters, ha-haha, or at least that’s what it looks like!

Seems the boys will have to cool off a little bit after these two supper hot pics! Yep, Kardashian’s butt strike again!!

We’ll keep you posted on this and more news via Twitter and Facebook!

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