Khloe Kardashian And Her Extravagant 36 Birthday!

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian is a mega diva who knows how to make every party lit! Here is how she celebrated her 36 birthday with her sisters, and some other special guests.

When we say Khloe Kardashian, you probably think of all the extravaganza, don’t you? Well, this A-list celebrity and influencer just celebrated her 36th birthday, and you know that it was lit! Here’s how it all went down!

Khloe began her birthday celebration by reading “sweet and beautiful messages” from her fans and followers. Her fans have flooded her social platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, and all wanted to congratulate her new age & this new journey! She was so happy and overwhelmed, as well as filled with joy since almost 10 million people love her & they follow her journey on Instagram. Imagine having millions of people congratulate your birthday – it is insane!

On her Instagram Stories, Khloe Kardashian showed off the massive pink balloons that filled her home (and also spelled her nickname, Koko)! She received a lot of flowers as well as customized snacks from her friends and family, and she had to post them for the world to see!

She even had an inflatable slide that featured her face. Talk about being extra, right? Her daughter True had a lot of fun bouncing on there, and it was a precious moment!

Khloe Kardashian birthday

Khloe Kardashian celebrated her birthday with her ex, Tristan, as well as with her sisters Kendall, Kourtney & Kylie. There were also some close friends, as well as other kids for True to play with.

Although Kim wasn’t with them, she definitely congratulated Khloe in her special way.

However, is this too tacky and not the smartest move at the moment? How do you feel about this birthday extravaganza?

A) I wouldn’t want to celebrate my birthday during the pandemic. I’d feel guilty for gathering around different types of people in one place, especially so many kids.

B) She is Khloe Kardashian, she can do whatever she wants. Also, I am not as worried about the Coronavirus, so I’d do the same as well!

Let us know down below!

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