Kendra Wilkinson’s like turned upside down in no time! Her and Hank on the edge of divorce!!!

Poor Kendra, in a few weeks her life has turned into something else! As rumors of her husband Hank Baskett sleeping with a transgender woman more than once, while Kendra was pregnant!


The Playboy bunny has kept utter low key on this, except for THAT time in which she went out without her wedding ring! Now there’s new info going around about Kendra’s situation and how much pain she’s going through, a close source has opened up about how the reality star took the situation:

“She wanted to throw Hank out but couldn’t because she is healing [from her daughter’s delivery] and needs help with the kids. She confronted Hank, [but] he denied it until he found out that the woman took a lie detector test and had to admit it. She feels so stupid walking around like her life was so perfect and that her marriage was so solid. She feels like such a fool.”

We know Kendra is a very strong woman, thinking about this terrible situation, that would make anyone on her shoes  freak out and leave them hopeless and not wanting to face the world.

But yet another source revealed that Kendra is seriously thinking about divorce, after all the struggle and add having a newborn to that!

“She’s hurt by Hank and doesn’t think their marriage can recover. She’s focused on her kids now. She’ll decide after the summer.”

We hope things come out the best possible for all of them! Best of lucks guys!

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