Kelly Osbourne coping with the haters

Kelly Osbourne is currently building up a new life. The twenty-five-year-old star has recently broken up with his fiancée, and has started a new career as a TV personality for E! –and by the way she is doing a great job.

To top it off, the girl has lost forty eight pounds and looks super skinny. Aside from diet and exercise, Kelly’s participation on ABC show Dancing With The Stars, definitely helped her a lot to shred off some unwanted extra pounds.

Kelly feels great about herself, however, she started noticing that Hollywood females got territorial and defensive while they’re around her: “Girls in Hollywood don’t like you because you become competition. They have started to get much more nasty. You think, ‘Usually you say hi and now you don’t,” she recently revealed to the media.

I guess that’s the downside of looking great, right? You go Kelly!

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